Picking the Right Uniforms for Your Employees

You're probably familiar with the saying, "small details make a difference," and running a business is no exception.

Modern business owners have to keep a finger on the pulse of several things, ranging from their social media presence to the working relationships with their vendors.

However, there is one detail that may appear to be minor but is actually quite crucial: your uniforms.

A well-designed and properly maintained uniform can make an employee look:

  • Approachable
  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable

If you're thinking about investing in new uniforms for your employees, you'll want to choose something that's cost-effective and attractive. Additionally, the uniforms should mesh with the current aesthetic of your business.

If you've been struggling to make a final decision, you should consider one of the options below:


Are you looking for something casual and comfortable to wear? Then you should think about purchasing t-shit-style uniforms for your employees.

These simple garments are light-weight and come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Not to mention, t-shirts are easy to modify. There are several t-shirt printing methods that you can choose from; however, if you want something that your employees will be genuinely impressed with, then you should do some research on screen printing.

When it comes to customized apparel, screen printing is the ideal option. This is because the printing method is cost-effective, has a quick turn-around time, and produces a product that lasts for several years!

Not to mention, screen printing machines are capable of producing intricate designs — this means that you can turn your ideas into a reality, regardless of how detailed they may be!

If you have a large team of employees or own multiple brick-and-mortar locations, it would be best if you ordered in bulk (100 garments or more). This dramatically reduces the overall price per garment, giving you more money to put back into your business.

Polo-Style Shirt

Few garments look as clean and professional as a custom-made polo-style uniform. These clean-cut garments are ideal for businesses in the culinary industry, as they give employees a dignified look.

Polo shirts are slightly heavier than standard t-shirts, which makes them warmer and (arguably) more comfortable.

The only downside to purchasing polo-style uniforms is that they tend to be more expensive than t-shirts.

Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

You can never go wrong with a long-sleeve button-up shirt; these garments are ideal for office-like settings and managerial staff. A white button-up shirt can give the wearer a sense of authority and proficiency.

You can pair customized long-sleeve button-up shirts with several accessories, such as:

  • Ties
  • Wristwatches
  • Formal vests
  • Sportscoats
  • Blazers

If you're thinking about getting customized long-sleeve button-up shirts for your employees, you should look for garments that are made with breathable fabrics, like woven cotton.

Picking out new uniforms for your employees is a big decision. Before you make this decision, be sure to consider the information mentioned above. This will help you make an informed choice that your entire team can benefit from!

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