somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer


somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer

somewhere between shadow and light

is a romantic satire of interwoven stories about family

intimate relationships


anxiety and depression

societal patterns

cultural norms

fear and death


inner peace

and the quest for one’s inner truth

a spectrum of one human’s shifting perspective

through a growth cycle

recorded in voice


this book is a physical residue of

and tribute to

the awakening of clarity


the poems grow and expand at variant

rates from shadow to light


we each find ourselves in a variance of clarity

at differing moments in time

with differing degrees of light

through which our perceptions serve us


here lies

the etched

entrenched relief

of my journey

somewhere between shadow and light


What a joy it was to read somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer.  This book of poems expresses the author’s feelings and thought process with intensity. It completely captivates and moves the reader to pause and reflect on their own lives.

As a reviewer I always write notes as I’m reading, never have I written so many things as I have done whilst reading this wonderful composition of contemplative revelations flowing from the enlightened thought-flow of Mariesa Fael.

These pieces express the author’s experiences in life.  Tiny moments caught in a capsule, committed to ink and paper and recorded for all of time.  So many snippets from this book jumped off the page at me, such things like… who I am has never inspired me so much as who I could be. These poems reflect on a woman’s life, and all the things that define that life.  Encapsulating the turmoil of a female mind that spews out thousands of thoughts a day, this collection captures, compresses, processes, dispatches and then refines to essence, the core of who the writer is.  Touching on issues that all women can relate to, this is a work in three parts that takes the reader from the shadow to the light.

I also have to say that I love the book cover and also the layout of the poems, especially the end, where it gives emphasis to the purpose of these carefully arranged words, these tiny clusters of meaning, which is learning.

With strong, intense and interesting words Mariesa Faer allows you to feel her emotions.  This is one of those rare poetry books that I know I shall read again and again.  Thought-provoking and inspiring, somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

Purchase somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer today!
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