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  • Oh how I've changed. I'm not the same woman I was 4 years ago. The Trump presidency has...
Oh how I've changed. I'm not the same woman I was 4 years ago. The Trump presidency has changed me forever.
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March 2020
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March 2020

March 14, 2020

I was sitting here thinking about how Lindsey went home last week because he may have the coronavirus and has to quarantine.

For Donald Trump calling the coronavirus a "hoax" that Lindsey supports trump spewing to his base, I know he's sitting in his house, probably pretty comfortable, getting the best medical treatment possible, much better treatment than the American people have gotten, he's still PAID, he's paid to betray us. This is yet another thing I thought of that just enrages me.

That being said, I'm sitting in my 200 sq foot apartment, I'm one of the people more susceptible to contracting coronavirus, because of age and the fact in the past 10 months I've had the flu once, pneumonia twice, (with one 6-day hospitalization), and 2 serious flare-ups of Pericarditis, a heart condition... Quite frankly, because of these illnesses, I'm afraid if I contracted coronavirus I wouldn't survive. So, there I finally said it, I'm AFRAID!!, and the fear is intensified because our POtruS has lied YET ONCE AGAIN when telling the truth is so vital, he has misinformed and spread false information. He's manipulated the team he and pence out together to "combat" this, he has failed to supply the necessary things so the doctors can actually do their jobs, it just goes on and on.

I knew things were going to get really bad the last 6 months of his first term, but I never imagined this. 

I'm exhausted, my head spins, my anxiety is off the charts. I know millions of other American's share these feelings. I pray for America and her citizens every day. 

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