How to Handle Negative Criticism?

Hurray! Your book is published, its cover attractively glowing on a virtual or physical shelf, or ideally on both! Congratulations! That’s when you’re trapped! You’re now stepping into the least comfortable parts of the road, nervously waiting for feedback from your potential readers.

I think it’s better if I say it now: Listen, you’ll have gigantic bumps on that road, and do not under any circumstances believe anyone who tells you otherwise, ever.

You’re going to have readers who, unlike your immediate family members or few of your close friends, won’t necessarily think that you’re the next Jane Austen, Donna Tartt, or J.K. Rowling.

Sadly, the ones not believing in your inner brilliance and that unparalleled talent of yours will often be in the majority. Yes, that’s exactly how tough it is! And it won’t help a tiny bit that your genius mind is to remember every word of every critical feedback you’ll ever receive, every sentence and comma in all of the negative reviews of your book!

Let’s be honest, there are so many reasons why your book can be hated; For the cover? Yes! For the story? Yes! For the characters? Definitely! For the beginning? Yes! For the middle?Undoubtedly! And for the end? Yes, yes, and million times yes! You may even become a queen of one-star reviews, and if you think you can prepare yourself for it, well, the truth is, no single human being living in the entire galaxy, has ever been prone to negativity and criticism. It’s painful, it shatters you, you feel betrayed and destroyed! Yes, I know, been there. Yes, life is unfair! At least sometimes. Read, often.

But guess what? As much as you’d want it to, luckily, the world doesn’t stop because someone has criticized your work. The universe doesn’t give a damn about it. Neither about you nor about the author of your bad review. You’ll both live happily ever after, in the parallel worlds. So, be the universe, keep moving forward, keep writing, that’s the only way to deal with it, I’m afraid.

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