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Written by
Lynn Sawler
March 2020
Written by
Lynn Sawler
March 2020

I am — to date — an unpublished writer. So, I hope I can learn from you all and share ideas and inspiration.

I have three novels and one non-fiction book for which I have drafts. Recently, I chose one novel, that I'm focusing on revising in hopes of getting published. During that process, I'm setting up my author's platform, which I find a bit of a challenge, but I'm plugging through it. I'm setting up a Wordpress website with a blog and samples of some of my writing. Stay tuned... if all goes well, I'll launch it by April 1st (no foolin'!)

I'm researching exactly what an unpublished writer should talk about in their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. I'm getting a few good ideas out there in Webland.

I confess, I'm not much of a social media person. I've given them all a try and usually petered out within a relatively short time. They became too much of a distraction from doing the "real work."

I'm looking forward to meeting some friends on this group. It appears that many of the groups are fairly inactive, so if you have ideas for groups that would be beneficial to participate in, I'd love your recommendations. If you're looking for someone to have as a writing buddy, I'd be interested in hearing from you too.


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