Staying Home Time


  For the last two years, I’ve been working from home and it’s the only place where I feel the most comfortable when writing. Several times I tried to go out and work from a café but I realized I needed a safer, familiar space, with a minimum of distractions.

When my friend asks me how can I spend the entire day at home, I tell her it’s easy because for me staying home is fun, staying home means working on something new, it means an undivided “me time,” it means I can fill my day with writing or reading and never get bored of being alone, with myself. I think we underappreciate the luxury of being able to stay home whilst connected to the world, especially now with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Doesn’t staying home bring us with a chance to stimulate ourselves intellectually and creatively?

Maybe now is the time to read the books we wanted to read? Maybe the world gives us this chance to pause, to relax, to not hurry, and simply slow down?  Maybe this is the perfect moment to start writing that new book of yours, and maybe it’s exactly now that you have to polish your manuscript finally?

Maybe it’s time to rediscover the joy of uninterrupted reading, just as in the childhood, snuggled in bed with The Three Musketeers, or The Count of Monte Cristo? Maybe it’s time to recognize  that zen of “unbearable lightness of being?” Maybe the social distancing concept is a way of distancing ourselves from negativity and cherish what matters?



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