Understanding Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is one that comprises from 1942 until today. It is usually defined as the artistic and architectural expressions that arise after World War II.

This artistic period had its beginnings with impressionism and post-impressionism, where the use of ancient sources represented an artistic revolution in the middle of a historical moment of social and intellectual changes.

Frank Mann is a contemporary artist who continues to make headlines from his works. As a successful artist, Frank has opened exhibitions in over six continents, and you can easily find his paintings lined up in NYC, Seattle, Miami, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. 

If this weekend you have been invited to visit an exhibition where the terms avant-garde, contemporary, abstraction, or emerging are around the place, you need to read the following tips to make your visit a pleasant experience, take note.

Tips to understand Contemporary art:

  • It is not about understanding, but about feeling: The first advice to understand contemporary art is it is not to always to keep in mind the guides and dogmas of art. It is best to get carried away, we may never understand what the artist intended to express, but the pleasures of life like art go beyond being understood, it is about feeling and enjoying them, a little taste and less concept.
  • Not every work has to please you: Keep in mind that just because a work is by a renowned artist means that you should like it, it is about having your own criteria without being suggestive of the rest, just let yourself go freely, let it be the work itself that captivates you and not the prestige or fame of the artist.
  • Today's rejection can be appreciated in the future: Beauty depends on the eye of the beholder. That which for you is ugly, for another person, can be pleasant and to be appreciated as a work of art. While it is true that we like to see in the pictures what you would also like to see in reality, art awakens all kinds of feelings such as inspiration, love, joy, but also feelings such as anger and tragedy, that's what the art suggests, to reflect feelings.
  • Grounded critical spirit: Here it may seem that we are contradicting ourselves to the first point, but what we are trying to refer to is that while art is about feeling, learning from it to understand is never too much; that is, the criterion of an art expert, does not have to weigh more than yours, art is everything you consider art, but having knowledge will nourish your particular critical spirit.
  • Let us disregard contempt: This point is in relation to the previous two, the fact that you do not understand a work of art because it does not awaken anything in you does not mean that it does not have a value. Let's try to value everything behind that work, every stroke, its history, what the artist tries to express, what motivated him to do it, and so on.
  • Bet on young artists: We value contemporary art. In a few years, it may be part of classical canon of art. Hence we say that art is like good wine, sometimes it only takes time to appreciate. If we knew of all the cases in which art critics at one time rejected and did not know or did not want to see as art a work that is recognized today, we would surely see them pulling their hair. Let us take away that millenary custom of ending the century with some tremendous prognosis where an end of good art is supposed. Of course, it is not so! Good art can be found today; art often has that magical mania of remaining ahead of its time.
  • Let's continue promoting art: Whether as art critics, media, art galleries or mere mortals, we are each essential elements for the construction of the history of Contemporary art, and as such, an engine to energize creation, the enthusiasm and the market that give a great artistic and cultural flourishing.

Each person has his way of getting excited about the works of art. Nobody can tell you that it is art or that it is not, it depends on your notion of what you consider art to be, you simply have to configure it for yourself, training your critical spirit, seeing, feeling.

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