What We Like Most In Games
Written by
Amelia Flynn
March 2020
Written by
Amelia Flynn
March 2020

Every day millions of people worldwide spend at least several hours playing video and casino games. The discussions on the reasons why people prefer the virtual world to the real one, continue. Some say that gamers want to escape reality, while others believe that these games improve our brains.

Features of the most popular virtual games

Thousands of players worldwide were asked what they like about video games. And here are the most common answers:

  • An interesting theme and great design. While plot matters, most responders said that the visual effects of the game are crucial;
  • Great music and sound, which help to experience a full immersion into the process;
  • New worlds to be explored;
  • It’s fun! Virtual games are a great source of new emotions especially when you are stuck at home;
  • Characters to remember. Just think of Lara Croft and Hitman;
  • Something completely different. Any time new games with a unique plot emerge, they immediately grab and hold the attention of players.

Benefits of online games

It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid player or a person, who thinks that these games are pure evil. There are a few undeniable benefits of video games:

  • A chance to keep the brain in shape. Studies showed that playing video games regularly helps to slow down the brain’s aging;
  • Quicker decision making. Action video games teach players to process data and to make decisions faster;
  • Better vision. Remember parents telling not to play video games because they hurt your eyesight? Guess what, scientists found out that the situation is completely the opposite. According to studies, playing video games improves the contrast sensitivity function, which leads to better eyesight;
  • Improved eye-hand coordination. Have you heard of surgeons, who conduct virtual surgeries before doing real ones? Studies show that students, who play video games at least two hours a day, have better eye-hand coordination;
  • Better socialization. While some skeptics say that playing online or casino games at Online Casino HEX can distance people from each other, everything is completely the opposite. It’s easier for people to bond if they have similar tastes in music, games, etc.
  • The above are not the only benefits of playing online games and we could also mention improved attention and focus, better health and lower depression levels, and much more.

However, you should still remember that video games may bear potential harm if you don’t control the time spent on a game. We recommend setting time limits and filling your life with new hobbies and acquaintances in order to maintain a healthy balance between the real and the virtual world.

Play responsibly

Video and casino games have both pros and cons. While there are gamers, who know when to stop, there are also compulsive gamblers and those, who are replacing reality with the virtual world.

Thus, you should always try to improve the quality of your life and there won’t be a need to escape reality. But there’s nothing wrong with spinning the wheel of fortune or enjoying a shooter with friends. Especially in the times of quarantine and distant work or education.

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