Move Beyond the World of Duality to the Magic of Oneness

In this world of duality, humanity believes in opposites, that there are contrasts between two concepts like good and evil, peace and war, black and white.  This dualism is a human construct created by the mind to make order of the world around us.  As with many things created by the ego, it’s an illusion that creates separateness when, in reality, the soul knows that we are all one.  The oneness that I am referring to is the fearlessness and unity of being connected to Source. 


By being aware that all we desire is already within us as we are all connected to Source, we can experience the magic of oneness.  I recognize that this can be difficult to imagine total joy and peace where time doesn’t exist because we are eternal, but this place of unconditional love is something we have all glimpsed.  It’s the same place that we experience flow. Where time stands still, and we are feeling joy, and all is going effortlessly. 


The mind cannot think without duality. Duality is the way of thinking. In silence, all dualities disappear. ~ Rajneesh


The Ego Causes the World of Duality


It’s tough to envision because, for the mind to comprehend, we have to compare it to something we have experienced, this causes the duality.   Duality is the comparison, contrast, or division of things.  The mind uses this dichotomy to help order the world we live in and to make associations.  As with many characteristics of the ego, it's neither good nor bad, it just is. 


The ego takes this ordering of the world to another place, which is harmful to the soul.  This damaging place is the separation of us from everything else.  The ego separates everything from itself as it believes that it’s special and unique.  This distinctiveness causes it to determine which side of a cause it’s on instead of looking at the entire situation. 


It also thinks that its job is to protect itself from any outside forces that could harm it or take away its control over you.  This outlook makes the ego believe that it’s us versus them, and a hostile mentality begins to creep into our thinking instead of giving others the benefit of the doubt. 


There are two choices available in duality - one side or the other side. Everything is formed from that. ~ Frederick Lenz


Duality Causes the Ego to form Attachments


Attachments are those things that the ego wants to keep.  Control is the main thing the egoic mind wants to maintain.  But it also is about relationships, our need for a particular outcome to a situation in our life.  Attachments are what cause us to suffer as we are unwilling to accept the condition we find ourselves.  This unwillingness to allow the circumstances to be what it is means we stay in the dualist state of the ego. 


For us to transcend this dualistic condition requires us to accept the present moment as it is, which in reality is all we really can do at any given instant.  To fight against what is doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot alter the future circumstances.  Accept this moment as it is and make choices so that in the future, what we desire can take place. 


Transcendence means going beyond duality. Attachment means remaining within duality.  ~ Rajneesh


Labels are from the Dualistic World                       


Since the ego believes it’s unique, it wants recognition.  It likes titles and labels stating the great things it is.  But if we allow the ego to define who we are by these titles, we limit ourselves and our growth.  We also can cause suffering by comparing ourselves to others. 


Our existence isn’t based on the identity that the ego says we are.  We exist because our consciousness chooses to become a human expression of our soul.  Our soul is connected to Source and is our true identity.  It’s unbounded and full of all potential as it is based on unconditional love


To define oneself is to suffer duality. One must avoid defining existence and identity.  ~ Mark Mandemaker


Oneness Requires Present Moment Awareness


To transcend the world of duality formed by the ego, we need to release the past and not worry about the future.  The past cannot be changed, and it needs to be accepted.  The future hasn’t occurred, so worrying about it is a waste of time.  Being present allows us to feel the magic of oneness.  Only in the here and now can we remove ourselves from the ego’s dualistic world.


Since oneness doesn’t have opposites, then time has no beginning nor an end.  The only moment is now.  And the present is eternal as it is all that we have, this moment.  This eternalness is why time can stand still, or it can fly by when our awareness is on the here and now because the magic of oneness is the totality of the experience, not the separation of hours and minutes. 


Past and future are a duality of which present is the reality. The now-moment alone is eternal and real.  ~  Wei Wu Wei


Experiencing Oneness


We must go beyond the egoic mind, the human intellect to experience oneness.  For it’s the coming together of converses.  At its essence, it’s incomparable and underlies all existence.  There is pure potential in the unity of all that is. 


Flow state is a physical phenomenon in which we are consciously in accord with what we’re doing.  It’s those moments where the beauty of a sunrise causes you to catch your breath, and you feel that you are a part of nature instead of watching it.  Flow state is when we are one with what we are experiencing.  This feeling is oneness.  It’s hard to describe to another person as it just is. 


Another more direct way to experience oneness is through the act of meditation.  This method allows us to focus our awareness in a way that transcends the egoic mind of duality into presence.  The space between our thoughts is oneness, a state of being. 


In presence, there is no right or wrong, because there is no duality. There is no judgment. ~ Leonard Jacobson


Remembering Oneness


When we were born, we felt this unity with Source.  As we grew, the duality of this world entered our minds, but we always know deep down that we’re connected.  We forget as we develop, and at some point in our lives, we begin to remember who we are.  This journey back to oneness leaves behind the illusionary world that leads to suffering as all conflict comes from the misguided belief that we are separate.  When we wake up to the truth, there is nothing to fight against.


Another way for us to think of oneness is unconditional love.  Through genuine love of others, duality disappears as otherness dissolves through accepting that we are one.  If we’re connected, then separatism vanishes.  Achieving unity comes from remembering that oneness that bonds humanity, thus the dualistic world of the ego fades. 


Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality. ~ Eckhart Tolle


The Magic of Oneness


So, the ego creates the dualistic thought patterns of the mind, which creates a false separation between individuals, thus creating the barrier to its desire to be unconditionally loved.  Again, our own thoughts create our suffering.  However, the realization that this is an error the ego perpetuates, we can choose to live in the magical world of truth and unity.


We are now awake to the tools of the ego; consequently, we can consciously choose a different way of living.  This new path we are on, returning to our authentic selves, is based on the connectedness and love of all humanity because they are a part of us.  The surrendering of the dualist egoic mind to that of oneness allows only the field of love to encompass us. 


The sense of duality, which is a barrier to true love, must prevail so long as the apperception of Truth has not occurred. Once individuality is surrendered, there is only total Love. ~ Ramesh S Balsekar


Peace is a Result of Oneness


As we transcend the dualistic world and allow the oneness to enter our lives, a magical feeling arises from deep within us, a sense of peace.  Peace derives itself from an authentic place of unconditional love, unity, and silence.  We can get to what others think as an elusive place, but this harmony is attainable through the awareness of oneness. 


Peace only occurs in the present moment.  For harmony to enter your life, you have to be living authentically.  It requires the egoic mind to be still.  These are all features of experiencing oneness as well, so peace flows from the same place, our connection to Source. 


Finally, once we are at peace with the world, it fosters our unconditional love of humanity.  Peace means our inner selves, our souls, want to make authentic, loving connections with others as a way to spread the peace we fell with the world. 


Through transcendence of duality, we foster greater unity in our lives, which brings about inner peace and the sprouting of unconditional love.  ~ Alaric Hutchinson


Moving Forward


Being awake to the truth of the dualist world allows you to be aware of the magic of oneness.  It’s no longer an issue of separatism as we are one.  It’s no longer true that peace is elusive.  All we desire is within our grasp; we just have to choose unconditional love. 


If you don't have the background awareness of oneness, duality becomes real. ~ Alan Finger


As you become more conscious of your life and become aware of the duality the ego imposes, you can empower yourself to seek out oneness.  If you would like to receive more informative and mindful articles right into your mailbox, fill this out now.

Do you need support in moving past the dualistic world the ego created?  Do you want a strategy to help you overcome the ego’s limiting beliefs and be at peace? If so, please, contact me, and we can put together an action plan for you to be authentically you and for you to create the life you desire. 

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