.white underwear.

he felt uncomfortable in his tidy pink jacket

too hot for the day


he always felt uncomfortable

anxious about doing, wearing

the right thing


he pushed his glasses into a better

position; they had steamed

his shadow long in the lowering sun


though he had the beautiful invitation

had accepted, packed & travelled to his


friend’s place


he felt awkward


brown leather shoes  worn with socks

& regret; his slacks  high, neat at the





he had always fretted over  appearance

what to pack, how to prepare


hours staring the mirror considering his

shape. sticky taping every hair, each dust


from the fabrics

the obsession


he counted the trees, moved to the water

to hail his friend


stood dizzy poolside

his friend was only wearing white pants


he died inside



as ever felt uncomforable


( thank to d.hockney – the inspiration, the picture)

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