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  • What common problems can you come across while renting apartments?
What common problems can you come across while renting apartments?

Disputes between tenants and landlords are by no means uncommon. They refer to:

Maintenance Problems

Long-standing maintenance requests can serve a sound basis for property manager complaints. If you feel ignored because your requests are being passed from one person to another or if you are tired of empty promises and feeble excuses, it’s high time to take action. A lot of maintenance and upgrade requests are rejected for no good reason.
It’s clear that any lease should include a number of guidelines. For example, how to handle maintenance requests or what’s the expected time of response. Property management companies often disregard this issue that leads to unpleasant consequences.

Lack of Proper Dialogue 

Poor communication is a serious problem in the field of property management. It goes without saying that property managers take hundreds of phone calls a day. And we can wait! But how long? Is there any deadline? Nobody likes dealing with a constantly unavailable landlord, who never replies to e-mails.
All tenant issues should be responded on time. Lack of response means only unwillingness to discuss your problems. Also, landlords and property managers should abide by a code of professional ethics. You don’t have to carry on a dialogue with a rude and condescending person.

Run Down Dwelling 

This point includes everything starting from pest invasion through water spots and ending with safety hazards. Currently, a lot of landlords are doing their business remotely. However, the interior of an apartment should be inspected regularly. Nobody wants their home invaded by rodents, for instance, or to listen to a dripping tap through the night.
Such problems should be resolved very quickly, since they can spread over and get worse. Preventive measures and/or prompt responses are required. Unfortunately, frequently apartment managers disregard repair requests, like in American Homes 4 Rent reviews.

Failure to Return the Security Deposit 

All cases concerning unreturned security deposit (all or even a portion) can be handled through the legal system. In case, landlords refuse to return your money, do not hesitate to appeal to the court. 

Rent Increases and Lease Violations 

You can come across sudden, sharp or frequent rent increases. Property managers do not have the right to increase fees when they like. It also refers to unfair enforcement of lease violations.


As the majority of people live not in private houses but in apartment buildings, it’s quite predictable that problems with troublesome neighbors are a common affair. Each of us has our own private life, various hobbies, and habits. Somebody has a newly born constantly crying baby, someone walks too loud or drags furniture.
Disturbing tenants sometimes do not allow to concentrate while you are studying or make you interrupted from reading a magazine or watching your favorite TV-show. Unstoppable crying or loud annoying music coming through the wall can make you mad and even unorganized. 

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