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April Guest Editor: Christina Dalcher
Written by
She Writes
March 2020
Written by
She Writes
March 2020

This month we are thrilled to welcome our latest guest editor Christina Dalcher. We will be getting to know Christina and her new dystopian fiction novel Master Class all month long so stick around to learn more about her career as an author and be sure to pick up her new release, available April 21.

About Christina

I’m a writer, reader, novelist, and flash fiction addict. I’m a knitter, cross-stitcher, cook, and wife. I’ve lived on four continents and four islands, some of which overlap. I speak Italian with a hint of Florentine in it, and my Spanish used to be terrific. My heroes are Stephen King and Roald Dahl and Carl Sagan. I hope King lives a long and healthy life for years to come, but when he’s gone I’ll be sending him an engraved invitation to my Dead Person’s Dinner Party.

I’m the creator of VOX, a novel for which I have no genre yet, but if you can imagine Ira Levin’s The Stepford Wives mashed with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and sprinkle in a little neurolinguistics, you’d be on the right track.

To see what I write, click my Writing page.

On most days, you can find me in the Land of Styron and Barbecue. At other times, I might be hiding in a closet re-reading a tattered copy of The Shining or munching on street food in Naples (the Italian Naples).

About Master Class

From the critically-acclaimed author of the international bestseller VOX comes a suspenseful new novel that examines a disturbing near future where harsh realities follow from unreachable standards.

It’s impossible to know what you will do…

Every child's potential is regularly determined by a standardized measurement: their quotient (Q). Score high enough, and attend a top tier school with a golden future. Score too low, and it's off to a federal boarding school with limited prospects afterwards. The purpose? An improved society where education costs drop, teachers focus on the more promising students, and parents are happy.

When your child is taken from you.

Elena Fairchild is a teacher at one of the state's elite schools. When her nine-year-old daughter bombs a monthly test and her Q score drops to a disastrously low level, she is immediately forced to leave her top school for a federal institution hundreds of miles away. As a teacher, Elena thought she understood the tiered educational system, but as a mother whose child is now gone, Elena's perspective is changed forever. She just wants her daughter back.

And she will do the unthinkable to make it happen.

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