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    • Shelley Plett

      Hello single moms!

      Started by Shelley Plett Replies (1) Last reply by Rhonda Collins
      I am new to Shewrites.com and ran across this group while browsing. I have been divorced for six years and have two daughters. I look forward to reading your stories and and would love to contribute.
      • Chantal Walvoord

        What's your favorite science book?

        Started by Chantal Walvoord Replies (1) Last reply by Liz Cole
        I tend to like science journalism best. This is about the dial workers who painted the dials on watches, https://chantalreviews.blogspot.com/search/label/radium%20poisoning
        • Kait Nolan

          Introduce Yourself!

          Started by Kait Nolan Replies (29) Last reply by Corinn Bennett
          Welcome paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors!  I'm actually a newb to She Writes, and I was SHOCKED that there wasn't a group dedicated to PNR/UF.  We're the biggest genre in the business!  So I decided to start one.   So, a little about...
          • Elizabeth Kelch

            accountability and feedback

            Started by Elizabeth Kelch Replies (3) Last reply by Elizabeth Kelch
            Hi Writers, You dear souls may be looking for someone to read your work and give some gentle but useful criticism. I think we're all looking for that. I finished a masters in writing last year and was so productive while I was in school because I...
          • Late to the Party

            Started by Kim Cooper Smith
            Hi, I just joined the website and this group. I see there hasn't been recent activity but would love to connect with other writes in the upstate.
            • Jen Knox

              Hi, everyone

              Started by Jen Knox Replies (1) Last reply by Patricia Lang
              Glad to see this group. I'd love to see links to your work on these areas. I am a meditation and yoga teacher, along with a writer, and I'm working on a nonfiction project that combines these areas. Would love to connect.
              • Nicole Cruz

                What are you Writing?

                Started by Nicole Cruz Replies (3) Last reply by Amy Lynn Stocker
                We single ladies got all the time in the world, but are you giving time to do some writing? What are you all writing about now?
              • New here

                Started by Kristy Crabtree Replies (4) Last reply by Kimberly Savage
                Hi! I’m new here! Is this group still active?
                • Anita C Fonte

                  Waves of memory from the Pool

                  Started by Anita C Fonte
                  After almost a year, I returned to swimming this Sunday. I left the 84 degree pool, refreshed and remembering all the many years of childhood swimming at the Wing Park Pool in Elgin, Illinois; the joyful days of swimming with my baby boy; going to...
                  • Sarah Wayte

                    New to Canada, new to the group!

                    Started by Sarah Wayte
                    Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I've only just found SheWrites and I'm also new to Canada, having moved to BC from the UK earlier this year. Any Vancouver/Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley members here?
                    • Birdie Newborn

                      family history

                      Started by Birdie Newborn Replies (1) Last reply by Linda Ulleseit
                      I've started, or rather am continuing, a family history project begun by my Aunt Dorothy, trying to wring memories (if not written texts) out of my remaining two brothers. And then there's my own thinly disguised novel of my own experience in the...
                      • Chantal Walvoord

                        submission ideas

                        Started by Chantal Walvoord
                        Where can I publish essays? Although I've tried publishing short stories, I would like to try non-fiction: memoir or informative essays. I've only published in professional journals and East Coast Ink (which has folded). The essay in East Coast...
                        • Roslyn Imrie

                          Resources for Historical Fiction Writers

                          Started by Roslyn Imrie Replies (4) Last reply by Chantal Walvoord
                          What resources do you use when fact checking? Are there certain websites you find particularly useful when looking up details and facts?  Please share!
                          • Julie Ryan McGue

                            Adoption blogs and memoirs

                            Started by Julie Ryan McGue
                            Adoption is a complicated issue. I just posted five blogs that resonated with readers in 2019 at https://www.juliemcgueauthor.com. Curious as to whether any of you adoption memoirists also blog and what you are writing about. Please share your...
                            • Anita C Fonte

                              new year and new rhythm

                              Started by Anita C Fonte
                              beginning again after 6 months of medical treatments for a disease I didn't ask for but came anyway; making the moments count every day, finding delights in the everyday such as a white thread of cloud in a desert blue sky, a brown bird singing on...
                              • Sue M

                                Life is a ...

                                Started by Sue M
                                (an) ever-changing, continuously morphing, roller coaster ride through ridiculous beauty and hell highways without cafes for tea and cake. It is days of feeling the high of being in the right moment at the right time and then finding out it was all...
                                • Stevie Z. Fischer

                                  Environmental writing

                                  Started by Stevie Z. Fischer Replies (1) Last reply by Katie Welch
                                  Hi, Everyone My small-town environmental suspense novel, River Rules, was published on Earth Day 2019. A New England riverfront community is under attack by unchecked economic development and environmental threats. What type of environmental...
                                • Hello!

                                  Started by Elisa Waingort
                                  Hello everyone, I just joined SheWrites and was happy to find this group. Is anyone working on professional writing at the moment? Cheers! Elilsa
                                  • Phyllis Smith

                                    Happy New Year! New Year. New Decade. 2020 here we come....

                                    Started by Phyllis Smith
                                    I am so excited to wish all of you a Happy New Year!! It is amazing that not only is it a new year but a new decade. Let's make this the decade the one where we finish our book manuscripts and get them published. Please let me know how you are doing...
                                  • Chicklit Vs. Literary Fiction

                                    Started by Linda Gould Replies (1) Last reply by Chantal Walvoord
                                    Can chicklit ever be considered literary? I discussed this and other issues related to genre writing at http://letsplayballbook.wordpress.com.