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    • Elayne Clift

      Can we celebrate HRC's achievement as both a woman and a great candidate?

      Started by Elayne Clift
      Someone (a woman) on FB just took offense that I celebrated HRC's nomination because she is a woman, so let me be clear: I have never voted based on gender and I never will. I vote for whomever I think is the most qualified candidate. That is not...
      • Marzena Czarnecka

        Let's end the silence!

        Started by Marzena Czarnecka Replies (1) Last reply by Marzena Czarnecka
        Hello! Trying this again. Author of "Is anybody here? The silence is deafening."  So. Gail & Shelley--hello! I'm Marzena... I'm torturing my third novel at the moment, and planning the launch of the 2nd with the intent to not fuck it up by...
      • Women in Comedy Festival Comedy Writing Competition

        Started by Jenny Roche
        iI'm organising a comedy writing competition in connection with the UK Women in Comedy Festival and you mght be interested in flexing your comedy writing muscles. There are two categories, the first for a 3 minutes comedy sketch or monologue, the...
        • Trayle Kulshan

          How important is labeling your genre?

          Started by Trayle Kulshan
          My writing could fit into many categories (or none depending ... ). I am always reluctant when someone asks "What kind of book are you writing?"  Is it a memoir? Poetic prose? Lyric essay? Prosems (as my friend calls them)? How important is it to...
          • Trayle Kulshan

            How important is labeling your genre?

            Started by Trayle Kulshan Replies (3) Last reply by Zoe Disigny
            My writing could fit into many categories (or none depending ... ). I am always reluctant when someone asks "What kind of book are you writing?"  Is it a memoir? Poetic prose? Lyric essay? Prosems (as my friend calls them)? How important is it to...
            • Zoe Disigny

              Orange County Writers?

              Started by Zoe Disigny
              I'm writing my first novel and I'd like to find kindred spirits in Orange County to form a writers group.   I'm looking for any writers of fiction or nonfiction whose books would appeal to an audience similar to this one:   Mature women Lovers of...
              • Tina Akins Gaskins

                Bad Reviews

                Started by Tina Akins Gaskins Replies (2) Last reply by Tina Akins Gaskins
                I've always been able to walk away from a bad review with a little more knowledge. What if the review is not constructive and just seems mean? My first thought was I'm done writing. My second thought was I'll just write for family. My final thought...
                • Tina Akins Gaskins

                  Mean Reviews

                  Started by Tina Akins Gaskins
                  I have 5 self published books. I just recently received a review on my first published novel. My first thought this person is correct, I am not a skilled writer. Time to hang up the pen and paper. Instead I have decided to try to find other writers...
                  • B. Lynn Goodwin

                    Writer Advice's Fifth Scintillating Starts Contest

                    Started by B. Lynn Goodwin Replies (1) Last reply by B. Lynn Goodwin
                    Working on a novel, a memoir, or other long prose? Drafting something for NaNoWriMo? Grab and hold us with your opening paragraphs. We’ll read from works in progress as well as finished manuscripts. Submit up to 1000 words of any unpublished memoir,...
                    • Heather Greenis

                      Thinking of Self-Publishing

                      Started by Heather Greenis
                      My first MS ( a four part saga) is traditionally published. I'm thinking about self-publishing my next MS. A stand alone mystery with a twist. Any words of wisdom? Helpful advice. Steps...costs...? 
                      • Berna Bolyn

                        Memoir writing

                        Started by Berna Bolyn Replies (3) Last reply by Addy Addison
                        I have written in the last six months over 1000 pages of my memoir.  I have no problem with the inspiration because I have a lot to write about and the time to do it, after retiring a couple of years ago. I have intentionally isolated myself to...
                        • Mary Kathleen Mehuron

                          She Writes Press vrs. SparkPress

                          Started by Mary Kathleen Mehuron
                             Which is a better fit for my new book --She Writes Press or SparkPress and can you explain why you think so.    A little description:    The Opposite of Never is an unconventional love story — actually two love stories— but it’s also about the...
                          • Jacqueline Austin

                            Binders Full of Women -- LA

                            Started by Jacqueline Austin
                            The Binders is an enormous group of writers, grouped into almost any category you could think of. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1405711519717552/ Here's a general description: Leigh Stein November 14, 2016 READ ME! (most recently updated...
                            • Celine Keating

                              Calling New York She Writes Writers

                              Started by Celine Keating
                              Barnes & Noble (Union Square) NY: Reading and panel discussion, March 31, 6:30: If you'd like to meet a couple of She Writes Press authors and hear about their route to publication, this is an event you might enjoy. Garine Issassi (Start with...
                              • Reader's Choice

                                facebook Button and Link Up

                                Started by Reader's Choice
                                I'm new to She Writes. I'm setting up my profile. Can anyone tell me or direct me to information on how to get the facebook button and link my facebook page on my profile here on She writes? Thank you.
                                • Sara T. Bernstein

                                  Finding our people - tips?

                                  Started by Sara T. Bernstein Replies (3) Last reply by Laurie Garrison
                                  Hi everyone - I'm new here. Have been reading through the site and various groups and forums, and am still trying to figure out how use this resource most effectively.  I've been working with a couple of friends on building a website, Dismantle...
                                  • Candace Robinson

                                    Beta Readers Best Practices?

                                    Started by Candace Robinson
                                    Hi ladies! I'm new to the site and also to writing. I'm finishing up my debut novel and will be recruiting beta readers soon. Does anyone have advice on finding beta readers for YA fiction and/or best practices on collecting feedback? Any advice is...
                                    • Jessica Burton

                                      The best content creation tools

                                      Started by Jessica Burton
                                      I am a passionate blogger and part-time freelance writer. I have my own blog and try to generate a new content every day. But If I have a lack of inspiration, I take some ideas from the different resources. I know the best writing service that helps...
                                      • Liberty J. Freedom

                                        Is it possible to try to publish fanfiction as original fiction?

                                        Started by Liberty J. Freedom
                                        Ok, so I admit yes I write fanfiction. In my defense the fandom is no longer copyright protected author has been dead for over 200 years.  Should I even attempt to publish those works as original fiction? Are there any changes I would need to make...
                                        • Mirabelle Kirkland

                                          Transcontinental Express

                                          Started by Mirabelle Kirkland
                                          Hello Fellow She Writers! I'm very glad to have found you. After having lived and written (mostly screenplays) abroad for many years, I am now venturing back to the English language for my first novel. The thing is... although I have plenty of...