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    • Lidy Wilks

      My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

      Started by Lidy Wilks
      The first post of the new year goes over my most popular blog posts in 2019! Come visit my blog and find out which post made the top ten. And I also give thanks to my top commentators. Happy 2020! http://bit.ly/2QBHSwT
      • Shannon Lee Alexander

        Introduce yourself!

        Started by Shannon Lee Alexander Replies (5) Last reply by Marsha Mildon
        Hello. My name is Shannon Lee Alexander. I am a pantser. I've tried for years to be a planner. I've read countless books, taken workshops, downloaded beat sheets and outline sheets and whatever other magical planning tools were dangled in front of...
        • Jennifer Conrad

          Special Needs Bloggers?

          Started by Jennifer Conrad
          Just looking to connect to some fellow special needs bloggers. I write about my daughter who has a chromosome deletion and my husband who has Wilson's Disease.
          • Yvonne T. Osborne


            Started by Yvonne T. Osborne
            These query groups seem to be dormant. Is there anything going on in a different group to assess queries?
            • Irene Kessler

              Writing about a sibling you do not like

              Started by Irene Kessler
              How to: I am caught in the middle. My father arranged it before his death that the two of us should share the business. I depend on my brother for income. We get along on the surface but the relationship is not good. Any suggestions on how to write...
              • Phyllis Smith

                Merry Christmas Memoir Writers!!

                Started by Phyllis Smith
                Merry Christmas to all of you, Memoir Writers. I hope you find some time this holiday season to write. I wish you and your family a happy, creative and restorative Christmas. Write On! Phyllis
                • Migdalia Torres

                  Stage32.com (Screen Writers and Authors)

                  Started by Migdalia Torres
                  Stage32.com A place to meet Directors, Producers, and People that will look at your Script. I became a Member and made so many Friends on Stage32 and great Seminars as well.
                  • Migdalia Torres

                    In Need of a Writers Group for Mentoring in Feed Back as to Chapter 1 of all my Novels.

                    Started by Migdalia Torres
                    Needed FeedBack on the Novel: Indian Joe's Hunting Grounds by Migdalia Torres BASED ON THE NOVEL THE DIARY OF CAMP BETTER PLACE STATION AUTHOR: MIGDALIA TORRES INDIAN JOE'S HUNTING GROUNDS Screenwriter: Migdalia Torres Log-line: Stay...
                  • Is anyone out there?

                    Started by Jane B. Moore Replies (1) Last reply by Jacqueline Austin
                    I admit I haven't posted here but I am now and wondering how other Californians are doing and what are you writing? Hope to see other posts when I return in January, 2020
                    • Jacqueline Austin

                      LA Writing Groups / Workshops

                      Started by Jacqueline Austin Replies (8) Last reply by Jacqueline Austin
                      Our city is buzzing with writing workshops and get togethers.  Please post names and contact info for active groups, with a short description.  Add a personal experience if you like.  Thanks!
                    • An Anglo Writing about African Youth

                      Started by Mary Ball Howkins Replies (1) Last reply by Mary Ball Howkins
                      I am a new member. One of my short stories, aimed to lives the lives of African youth, has won a prize and will be published in an anthology of ‘odd teen voices.’ The publisher is Odd Voices Out in Britain . It looks for narrations by marginalized...
                    • Weekly Writing Accountability Group--Any ideas?

                      Started by Joanna Michelle Replies (2) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
                      Hi all, I'm looking for a some kind of weekly accountability group for writing. I have the time to do it, but feel if there was an online forum to meet with other writers and see where we all are in our craft it would be fun and keep the...
                      • Elisabeth Zguta

                        What Are You Up to?

                        Started by Elisabeth Zguta Replies (4) Last reply by Jane B. Moore
                        Hello Blooming Late sisters. It's been awhile and only a few have mentioned what's up. It's Labor Day 2018 - Please add a comment of your current writing work. I know a few of you have things in the works, so please share with everyone. I am...
                        • Wanda Reid

                          New Writer

                          Started by Wanda Reid
                          Writing to give people insight and hope and a little entertainment.... At 45 years old I am redefining myself. I have searched long and deep to decide what exactly that means. I had my first of 4 children at 19 years old and the last at 37. I am a...
                          • charlotte talley


                            Started by charlotte talley Replies (1) Last reply by charlotte talley
                            my script Tainted Love is finished and is filmed, and copywrited. working on my next script titled Nine Elevators in Three Hours. what is everyone working on? and what kind of scripts you like to write?
                            • Michelle Gauvreau

                              Another New Author :)

                              Started by Michelle Gauvreau
                              Hi there, looking forward to connecting with other authors. I'm writing about my journey through my adoption.
                              • Michelle Gauvreau

                                Active still?

                                Started by Michelle Gauvreau
                                Hi there, I'm new to the SheWrites website...is this still an active group?
                                • Chantal Walvoord


                                  Started by Chantal Walvoord Replies (5) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
                                  How did the UCLA course turn out, Phyllis?
                                  • Deirdre Mendoza

                                    Writing About Your Mother

                                    Started by Deirdre Mendoza Replies (4) Last reply by Sharon Turnoy
                                    Hello Memoir People, I'm relatively new here; I've been on the site for years, but am only recently more active. I'll jump in, and you'll tell me if I'm breaking protocol. I'm working on nearly two-year blog about my mother's twelve year journey...
                                  • Unusual Memoir

                                    Started by Cheryl Clarice Phibbs Replies (3) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
                                    Hello, I have been enjoying the articles posted on She Writes and thought it would also be helpful to join a group since I am not a professional writer. I have been somewhat alone these past couple years writing my memoir. I've been worried I will...