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  • Finalizing my memior

    Started by Marguerite Connelly Replies (1) Last reply by Sharon Turnoy
    Hello, I am in the final stages of my memoir and feel as if it will never be perfect! I have hired an editor that has been working with me for sometime, but I feel I will need an additional pair of eyes to give a final review. Any suggestions on...
    • Jesan Barnes Kaushik

      Book done, need an editor

      Started by Jesan Barnes Kaushik Replies (2) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
      Hi all! I wrote my memoir (yay!) but I am this constant cycle of wanting to rewrite everything! I know I should get an editor or coach. Anyone have good experience working with someone?
      • Phyllis Smith

        Have you attended any Writers Conferences and/or Retreats Recently?

        Started by Phyllis Smith Replies (2) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
        Good Afternoon Writers!! I am fresh off a writer's conference this month. Have you attended any writers conferences or retreats recently? If so, what are some of your takeaways? Did anything surprise you about the conference or the retreat? Please...
      • Saying Hello

        Started by Marguerite Connelly Replies (1) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
        Hi, I just want to say that I have joined this group to bounce my ideas, anxiety, frustration and exciting off of others. With that said I am here to offer the same. Thanks Marguerite
        • Colleen Burns Durda


          Started by Colleen Burns Durda Replies (1) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
          Hello. I've recently been introduced to this forum by a memoir coach, Marion Roach Smith. I've taken several of her classes and now am in the final stages of revision. My odyssey has been long, but I'm heartened by the realization my memoir and I...
          • Phyllis Smith

            Welcome new members!

            Started by Phyllis Smith Replies (2) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
            Welcome new members. Please introduce yourself and your memoirs.
          • hello!

            Started by Rivka Resnick
            Hello! I'm 14 years old and hoping to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I'm been battling writer's block lately, so any encouragement and/or tips would be greatly appreciated.
            • Lidy Wilks

              NaNoWriMo Update

              Started by Lidy Wilks
              It's week 3 of NaNoWriMo 2019! And today's post is an update of how I'm faring so far. What had me stumped. And what has me worried about my progress for the rest of November. Who else is doing NaNoWriMo? How's your progress so...
            • I have written edited and published my first e-book

              Started by MILDRED LOPEZ
              The title is COMBATING FEAR. ISBN 9780463381144. You may google for the ISBN and the book page will pop up. I would like a feedback after you have read it. It is an inspirational and self-help book.
            • i wrote edited and published my first e-book

              Started by MILDRED LOPEZ
              My e-book title is COMBATING FEAR. It is available on smashwords and amazon kdp. You can also google it with the ISBN no 9780463381144. Please read it and let me know what you think.
              • Corinne Rodriguez-Montoya

                Natures Rage

                Started by Corinne Rodriguez-Montoya
                My first contribution, hope you like it.
                • Marjorie Witt

                  Where is Everybody?

                  Started by Marjorie Witt Replies (11) Last reply by Irene Kessler
                  I know there are a tone of memoir writers out there. I've seen them at conventions. I see shelves full of memoirs when I wander into one of the few bookstores left and I see pages and pages of them on Amazon. Hiding perhaps? Let's get this group...
                  • Christine Christman

                    Should we revive the group?

                    Started by Christine Christman Replies (7) Last reply by Chantal Walvoord
                    Hi all, I just posted an announcement to the group that I have returned to writing after a long hiatus. I am interested to see if anyone sees value in reviving this group and would love to get input on how we might make it useful! I have just...
                    • Lidy Wilks

                      Blog Hop

                      Started by Lidy Wilks
                      Today's the 11th IWSG bloghop post of the year. And I've come to a revealing eye opener that helped me prep and write my novel for NaNoWriMo 2019. Come stop over on my blog to find out more. http://bit.ly/2pD7d00
                      • Heather Diamond

                        Foreign words

                        Started by Heather Diamond Replies (2) Last reply by Nicole Chen
                        Hi all--I am revising a memoir about culture crossing (Hawaii to Hong Kong) and intercultural marriage and considering ways to gracefully handle foreign words and phrases. Italics is the convention, but is it the rule? And what about translations?...
                        • Carol Kubota

                          Travel Writers in Arizona

                          Started by Carol Kubota
                          Hello! Is anyone out there? My name is Carol and I am very interested in writing about travel. Do you live in Arizona? Do you write about Arizona? Do you travel to other parts of the world? Have you written a Travel Memoir? This is on my to-do list....
                          • Gemma Sun


                            Started by Gemma Sun Replies (3) Last reply by Melissa Goodwin
                            Hi, I'm Gemma. I'm a teen author that writes supernatural thrillers and romances. I've always been a HUGE fan of slasher films, the Child's Play series and Freddie Krugar being my favorites, so it's pretty easy to see what got me into the darker...
                            • Nicole Cruz

                              Introduction: All The Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up

                              Started by Nicole Cruz
                              Hello and welcome to the group. I started this group so that single women could openly discuss their current and past works. I believe in the concept of the collective helping each other out. As an intro: Hi I’m Nicole Aia Cruz. I am 25, a...
                              • Migdalia Torres

                                STILL SINGLE AT THE AGE OF 59 YEARS OLD

                                Started by Migdalia Torres Replies (4) Last reply by Jamie Snow
                                • A

                                  Single 24 years old

                                  Started by Angel Replies (1) Last reply by Nicole Cruz
                                  Hey everyone I am new. I am 24 years old and single and live in Orlando lol. I go to school at UCF and graduate in 2020. How about everyone else? Trying to meet friends