NEW Feature for the Group?
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Hi Paranormal and Supernatural Writers!

Elisabeth Zguta got me thinking of ways to revive this group and hopefully get some more participation.

What do you think of doing a fun sharing feature every Friday? This feature, which currently doesn't have a name, would be similar to #1LineWed on Twitter. If you're not familiar with that, every Wednesday people tweet a line from their current WIP that fits with the theme for that Wednesday. The theme has been things like chapter hooks or words such as "hot". 

For our group, I want to do something like this. Every week I'll announce a new theme, which will be paranormal/horror related. On Friday, a new discussion will go up and everyone can comment on it to share a line that showcases the use of that theme (or word).

NOTE: Doesn't have to be restricted to paranormal works. If the theme is "moon," the sentence featuring a moon can come from any genre. If there's ever a theme that I think would be better restricted to just paranormal works, I'll announce it for that week.


Don't share buy links, as this is supposed to be fun and even helpful, not sales-y. You could share a title for a book if it's published, but nothing more than that.

EX: Theme: Moon

Sentence: The moon was a ceramic bowl overflowing with milk in the amethyst sky, and all the stars were sugar crystals. -WITCH OF DEATH

- Sentence limit, so we don't have 20 sentences to read for one person's entry. The limit right now will be 6. 6 is a good paranormal number. ;)

So...what do you all think? If I can get a handful of people to want to participate, I'll launch this new feature next week.

  • I've been debating on whether or not to do this because I wanted more participants.