who is struggling to finish their novel, short story, memoir, etc?

I am in the middle of my novel and struggling to finish it.  This is the first draft. I have been writing it in pieces although I do have a plot line.  I think I am too critical to get through it.  I also have trouble finishing short stories and sending them out.  The ones I have sent out have not been published so that is discouraging also.  I would like to know who else is having this problem and what are you doing about it?  Also advice from writers who have finished their project would be helpful. Crystal

  • I am struggling too! In fact, I  sort of just gave up on my novel/book/story/whatever it is, and put it on the shelf. I'm so tired of it. Been working on it off and on since 2009 and I still can't figure what the story is. I'm taking a break. Hopefully not too long. I'm wondering if I should start something else in the meantime.