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Dear Women Music Writers,

My name is Stevie Edwards, and I am a Commissioning Editor with The History Press. We focus on publishing accessible local and regional histories, ranging from The History of Michigan Wines by Sharon Kegerreis and Lorri Hathaway to The Civil War in Fairfax County by Charles V. Mauro. I'd love to see more music history and more women in our catalog.  I deal specifically with developing titles in New York (state), New Jersey, and New England (I know the "History of Jersey Hardcore" author is out there somewhere...), and I would also be happy to direct proposals for other regions to the appropriate editors.

I invite you to browse our online catalog and author proposal form to get a sense for our range and process. We handle all stages of the publishing process – from editing, design, and production to sales and distribution—and compensate in the form of royalties. The best way to contact me is via email: [email protected].


Stevie Edwards
Commissioning Editor l The History Press
ph: +1 843.577.5971 x236 and fax: +1 843.577.6712 I