For teachers: Gardening in a drought year
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This post is dedicated to nurturing and reigniting dreams:  for the weary educator in June.  Featuring the work of Seth Godin, Ken Robinson, and Peter Brown. Thank you for reading

On dreams, connections, and gardening in a drought

In order to properly explain my degree of appreciation for the work of three writers whose words I encountered in near-unison a few weeks ago (Seth GodinSir Ken Robinson, and Peter Brown) I need to first acknowledge that, since context, as we know, is everything, it is worth explaining certain conditions of these serendipitous discoveries.  
Context: the end of the day at the end of the week nearing the end of second semester, at a desk in room 114 in a comprehensive high school with the highest concentration of poverty in the district, in June in southern California in year four of what many predict may be a record-breaking stretch of drought; when all that relates to School hangs like the stench of overripe gym shorts in a locker,  and everyone that understands this is weeks from being dismissed for summer (except for those of us who will be back the week after graduation, for summer school).  It’s time for reinforcements. One is thirsty and hungry and water for the cooler has yet to be delivered, and lunch - in terms of actual food eaten - didn’t happen.  It’s the time of year when the word School, uttered in a certain tone, tends to immediately be followed by a sneer and some colorful expletive.  Even the most dedicated among us are prone to bouts of seasonal malaise...   (read more here)