Writer Advice's 10th Flash Prose Contest
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WriterAdvice seeks flash fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction running 750 words or less. Enlighten, dazzle, and delight us. Finalists receive responses from all judges. First prize is $200. Submit to the 10th WriterAdvice Flash Prose Contest by April 21, 2015. Complete details at www.writeradvice.com


  • Great question, and you don't sound like a green bean to me. Ideal flash fiction is a complete story written in 750 words or less.

    Ernest Hemingway did one in six words. "For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." Think about the images that brings up. This particular story is open to interpretation, but it's very clear that the baby died or was kidnapped and the parents are getting rid of reminders.  

    Go to http://www.writeradvice.com/archives.html and click on the 2014 Contest Winners stories (on the right-hand side) to see examples from the people who will be this year's judges. 

  • Give it a try, Terry. It's an easy way to get some feedback from someone who's not familiar with your work.