Need for a cowriter.
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I have been informed that, having no contacts in America or a track record there in films, that the prospect of selling my script to agents there, on its completion, is virtually zero. I believe I have a gem of an idea, with potential, so am seeking out a cowriter. Someone with connections or a little experience, to develop the script, about half way completed with a structure for the rest of the story line, and market it in America. Failing that, does anyone know where I can go to find such a cowriter? I am also going to seek out another cowriter to expand this idea into a fully fleshed out novel, if I can, to exploit it to its fullest capacity. Have downloaded two books on how to effectively use social networks to gain followers and connect up to those who might recognise my potential and who might wish to pick up on the threads on this. Is there anyone in this group who might be interested in my premise or be able to give me advise on any of this? Much appreciated if you could assist me in anyway..