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Hello and welcome! I'm Shelah, the group moderator. I hope you find a great place here to discuss your writing projects and get to know others writing in a similar genre! Please share with the group a bit about yourself!

What strong women or difficult circumstances have inspired your writing?

What you're writing:




  • My name is Gemma, I'm a teenage writer that loves supernatural and fantasy elements. I'm currently writing two novels, one more of side-project and the other my main. My main one is about a girl, a teen, who is kidnapped, killed, and then her soul is bound to a demon. There's a lot more to it, but ya' know: SPOILERS. It's basically a call-out on pedophilia, child marriage, and sexism, and features a lot mental struggles for the main characters (three best friends: the girl, her best girlfriend, and their gay guy bestie) where they struggle against both their current situation, the being inhabiting them, and their difficulties at home. I feel like this doesn't actually do it justice, it's a pretty rare breed, but if anybody wants to talk about it, I'd love to!
  • My name is Catherine. I am writing a memoir of my childhood as the daughter of a schizophrenic and a recovering alcoholic and how my early experiences shaped my life. I am only just beginning and the painful nature of the story is challenging at times but I am committed to finishing. I have a blog called Life Through My Lens on my website, catherinematthewsimages.com. It is a collection of shorter stories of my childhood and adulthood and the lessons I have learned along the way. I would love to have some feedback on my writing. I am looking forward to participating in this group.
  • I just finished my novel and I find it very relaxing. I’ve been trying to finish this for over a year now and I’m happy that it is finally ou of my sytem. The story of “Amelia,” the girl who just lost everything and had to live with the decisions others had made for her, has been a personal one for me. My father never wanted me to write stories. He wanted me to run a store or manage other businesses. Writing was my rebellion and I happy about what I have accomplished.
  • I forgot to leave my web/blog address. I'm at http://elizabethannewood.com - I look forward to learning more about what others are writing and about who inspires you!
  • Hi all. My name is Elizabeth and I recently signed with She Writes Press to publish a memoir called "My Mother's Cross: Cancer, Kink, Sex, and Death," which tells the story of taking care of my mother during her terminal cancer after helping her navigate a late-life sexual awakening as a woman who enjoyed dominating men. My mom was quite a woman and she is often the touchstone I reach for when I think about strong women. She wasn't strong in the sense of being a person who could fix all the problems. She had plenty of her own. She was strong in the sense of finding ways to survive and to persist even when doing so weakened her for a while. She was the reed that bends rather than the oak that reaches for the sky. She was actively alcoholic during her marriage to my father, and then sober during an abusive marriage that followed. After leaving that man in the mid 80s she stayed single and celibate (essentially swearing off of men) until in the early 2000s she discovered erotic domination. Shortly after that she got kidney cancer and though things didn't look good for a few months, it turned out that dialysis only emboldened her. She lived an exciting several years enjoying a number of interesting partners until she met the one who would be the love of the end of her life. In 2012 she contracted a terminal cancer. It's those 8 months that I narrate in the memoir, with critical insights into a health care system that often fails to see the person behind the disease, poignant reflections on our unconventional mother-daughter relationship, and a plea that we recognize the need to talk about aging, illness, and sexuality because the quality of our lives - and our deaths - may depend on it.
  • Hi everyone. I am Nicole and I am a business major trying to find my voice in writing. I am currently hired to write a script, but it’s not my priority now. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but my father would not allow me to express this as he finds it not a bankable career choice. I am currently writing about a girl who was born and raised in America finding herself dragged back to the roots of her family in the Philippines.
  • Hi all. I am a pretty average woman. I survived a childhood of abuse and neglect, spending part of that childhood in the backroom of a true whore house, owned and run by my grandmother. I am writing a memoir of the years of my childhood. I have had almost a fairy tale marriage so not so dramatic! Thank God. I think I have things to share from my unique perspective. So, my memoir is up to 10K words now and I am in a writing group with Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild. I am learning a lot from the group, some already published authors and then there's me. I have chronic health issues in the form of arthritis and fibromyalgia, so my blog is kinda sketchy, but I want it to be useful and inspiring. www.nowitsaboutme.com I have bare-bones outlines for at least 4 fiction books about members of my ancient ancestors and how they reacted to the spread of the gospel to their regions. My family tree branches toward the female's family. So I think they must be written as strong protagonists. I hope I am able to bring something into this group. Lynette
  • Hi, I am delighted to find a group for strong female protagonists!  I have written a screenplay and have a novel (WIP), both with strong female protagonists.  I've been writing a memoir piece over the past several years as a co-author with 4 other women for an anthology about our mothers.  Not a typical mother/memoir approach, rather reaching beyond the narrative of our own stories with our mothers to find and tell her story.

    My website is www.maggiebutler.net    Because of health reasons (chronic Lyme disease), my blog posts and writing have been irregular over the past couple of years.  I'm feeling better now, and returning to She Writes after a several year absence.

    I look forward to participating in this group.

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  • Hello, Shelah and thanks for the invitation. I've just finished a literary historical novel, The Color Of Safety. It's about parallels between Africab-American and Eastern-European Jewish history over the last century as told though the inhabitants of one house on Los Angeles. With six owners and 100 years, there are plenty of strong--and weak--men and women, with major female protagonists especially in the more or less present day (2003) and starting in 1903 when the house is built. I'm blogging at Sakkiselznick123.blogger.com. Actually, I'm just getting the hang of blogging, so any advice is welcome.