Blogging as publishing
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Does anyone have advice/opinion about blogging as publishing?  As we all know, keeping a compelling blog active is very time consuming, but can be an effective way to reach an audience.  On the other hand, it doesn’t leave much time for  traditional “marketing” for publication. How do you use your blog?  Do you think of it as a way to publish your work, or to advertise it, or....Would love any comments!

  • When I blog I usually write short pieces about a topic that interests me that I think might interest others. I always hope for feedback in the way of comments but so far that doesn’t seem to happen. I want to know how to entice people to my blog as well. I have some followers but I do not understand how they know if I have posted on the blog again?
  • Based on my experience a blog is not the place to sell books. It remains a fantastic way to learn discipline since a blog only exists if you post regularly. It can work as a publishing tool if your niche is extraordinary unusual, but we are so many bloggers that it can be as challenging to be noticed as a blogger as it is to get an editor or agent for a manuscript. However I still blog for the unique exchange opportunities and maybe one day this readership will boost my sales. Best to you and looking forward to read more on the topic.