HELP/ADVICE where submit humor writing
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Hi!! Just wrote my first blog post evah! personal story/humor/serious/cautionary tale

I know it's long, I know. I know the grammar isn't perfect, does that get trumped with the "personal voice" argument?  I so so new to this, can not stress that enough, just learning what an RSS feed is as of today and still don't get it, haha. I am hoping to be able to reach out to this group for some help/advice about where I can submit humor writing or personal stories etc. The only sites I have been able to brainstorm are XO Jane, Salon, The Hairpin, Jezebel, The Awl. But I think I would have to reformat the post for each site? Not even sure which sites write their own stuff versus just pull stuff from the internet, that has been hard to figure out sometimes. 

Would LOVE LOVE and appreciate any advice you may have on where to submit, how to submit, etc etc etc. Or on anything really! If you read the post and have feedback about it I would love that too. Kind of want to workshop it here before I try sending it out and about you know?

THANKS SO MUCH for any info you may want to share : )