American Authors and Publishers Guild
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AAPG is a non-profit alliance of authors and publishers and related professionals working together to develop and promote quality books, encourage reading in the community, and raise awareness of the availability and depth of literary talent of our membership.

Fellow CT SWP Authors, The AAPG is a newly formed group in CT. I recently joined and am very pleased with their mission and support for CT authors. Below you will find the basic information. I recommend going to their site and consider becoming a member. Let me know what you think. 

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Being an AAPG member means you are among an elite group of authors, publishers and service providers, who consistently demonstrate professional excellence, and produce and promote high quality books and services. Your membership is a symbol that your quality work matters to you and potential readers. Libraries and booksellers will look for that symbol when they select books.  As a member or partner, you will receive these benefits:

  • Industry recognition as a high quality professional
  • AAPG-sponsored events and author signings
  • Steady access to potential readers through our established relationships with independent bookstores, retail outlets and libraries
  • The opportunity to apply for our prestigious "Seal of Excellence" Award, which you can proudly put on your book to show readers they can be assured it's high quality
  • Peer-to-peer review opportunties
  • Discounts for promotional tools and services
  • Publicity guidelines and media opportunities
  • Monthly virtual meetings with presentations by industry experts
  • Monthly newsletter with valuable industry information, tips and advice, and notices of upcoming events