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Hi CT Writers, My book is being released by SWP early October and I've just made the decision to hire a publicist, which means I need to find one by yesterday! I'm looking for someone on the east coast. My book, Say it Out Loud, is prescriptive nonfiction - a blend of memoir and how-to for survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know.

Do any of you belong to CAPA (CT Authors and Publishers Assoc)? I'm attending the meeting in Avon this Saturday and would love to meet you.

Best wishes to all on your writing!


  • Thank you for your replies. I am a member of CAPA but never attend meetings, until yesterday. I agree that SW is a much greater resource for us. The one benefit of CAPA is that they are working on creating more events for members to sell their books. They've always had a booth at the Big E but for ex. Next Saturday, April 26 members have a table at the New Britain Museum of Art and they just did an event at the Mark Twain House. For the $45 membership fee it may be worth it to be able to sell at their events. I am still looking into publicists and will check out the ones mentioned here. Isn't getting published like a full time job while in school for another degree?! Enjoy the journey! Roberta
  • Roberta,

    I've used Ellen Trachtenberg at Braintree and found her terrific - very savvy and easy to work with.  She's in NJ.

    I joined CAPA last summer and am not sure if I will rejoin again.  They do have some experienced people and everyone is very helpful.  I have not been to CAPA U (which is open to everyone, not just CAPA members) and will not be able to go this year.  You might want to attend that (May 10 in Hartford, I think) to get a feel for the organization.  They also have free webinars every Thursday.  I haven't had time to watch them, though - lol.‎

    Good luck!


  • Hi ct writers and Roberta,

    I attended CAPA a few years ago and signed up again this year but have not attended any meetings yet. Hopefully you will find people who can help you with publicity already at the meetings. The founder is a publisher and there are several editors who belong so they might be able to help you.  I have only belonged to She Writes for a couple of weeks but have already learned more from the discussions than I did from a whole year at CAPA. Was hoping to meet other shy writers but found it a bit intimidating and so I sort of petered out. Perhaps I will start up again. They have a function called CAPA University which might be of interest to you.  Good luck        Ruth

  • Hi Roberta,

    When I asked the question to HarperCollins (I was receiving an artist grant and wanted publicity in addition to the bare-bones that came with the deal) they recommended the New York firm below. 

    Kathleen Carter Zrelak
    Publicity Manager
    Goldberg McDuffie Communications
    (212) 446-5107

    [email protected]

    Is CAPA worth it? I've never been to a meeting. Let us know what you think. I'd go but I have a houseful of relatives for spring break. Maybe next time.