LA Writing Groups / Workshops

Our city is buzzing with writing workshops and get togethers.  Please post names and contact info for active groups, with a short description.  Add a personal experience if you like.  Thanks!

  • I'd like to recommend that each writer here start (or join) a writing group based not on the writing you do now...but on your heart's desire. Often we set our bar too low. About seven years ago I joined a group of screenwriters, all Columbia screenwriting or writing alums. It's small enough so that we can try things out and change the group to be what each of us needs. I've found that for me, the ideal number of times to meet is every 2-4 weeks; the ideal number of projects to crit in a three hour session is two; and the ideal amount of specialization is... completely specialized. We discuss our feature film and TV projects, and that is all. Because many of us tend to work too slowly, we've set a limit of three discussions for each project, and the project must have been significantly written (or rewritten) for each discussion. I'm looking forward to hear about your workshop or group experiences!

    Writers Blok gives you a place to work beside and be held accountable by other creative minds like yours. We meet every Monday night from 7 to 10 at Bagel Nosh Deli in Santa Monica. Our mission is to help you get done the work you want to get done.

    What you get for your money:

    Wine, coffee, chocolate, a weekly book giveaway, and plentiful power outlets and places to sit.

    Bring something to work on; from 7 - 9, writers work on their own projects. At 9 p.m., we put down our laptops (or paper) and chat about who we are, what we're trying to get done, and how we plan to do it.

    All levels and disciplines are welcome.

    Food available for purchase at Bagel Nosh.

  • PEN International is all about freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  This group runs a robust program in Los Angeles.  For many years I taught workshops at UCLA and various high schools, via PEN's Freedom To Write Program.  I would recommend this organization to anyone who cares about the full spectrum of freedoms--you can help journalists who have been imprisoned for speaking out, attend a lecture, or just get together with other like minded people who care.