Amazon's KDP Select program
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I was wondering if anyone else has used the Amazon KDP select program, and what your thoughts are on it currently. I have been enrolled in it for, oh, probably a year and half or so, and seen some great success with the free days promotion available through the program. But I have read a lot recently about others thinking it has run its course, and that KDP select is on its last leg. Because of some of the changes Amazon has made over the last year or so to the Amazon Affiliates program, I have seen a number of websites that used to help promote the free days, no longer accepting submissions or promoting any free books at all. I was hoping to pick your brains for a minute, for your thoughts about KDP select, if you think too that it's run its course, or perhaps still alive and strong. Because I'm currently on the fence of whether or not to leave the program. While I had great success with it, lately, it's staled out quite a bit. But I don't hold much hope for re-listing my works on Smashwords. One, because formatting to their guidelines was a nightmare! Two, because I never saw many sales come from them, or anyone they distributed to, and it took FOREVER to receive payments - well past when I should have per the guidelines. I've also read a lot lately that ebooks/Nook may be on the chopping block due to dwindling sales/interest from readers. So, I was wondering what your thoughts might be on it, and where you might see changes recently with all of it. Thanks in advance!


  • Since this was posted in Feb 2014, a lot must have changed again.

    Anyone got any further with KDP. I was hoping to get my book out as an ebook.