Resources for Historical Fiction Writers
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What resources do you use when fact checking? Are there certain websites you find particularly useful when looking up details and facts?

 Please share!

  • I'd like to hear the answer to that too. I'm reading a book for librarians, Mapping the Imaginary, but it does include a lot of resources to support writers.
  • I found a great picture that could help me with a scene but I don't read German. Where could I go to find help translating the words in this picture?

  • Going straight to the source is great! I try to stick to books as much as possible! But so often I am on a roll, writing away, and suddenly I need a detail, like what style of shoes did peasants wear in 1586 Trier, Germany? I guess I am hoping there is an easy way to access those types of little details.

    I could really use a Historian! Where do you make such a connection?