Eco Printers?
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Who do you use when you really need/want a book printed on recycled paper with soy based natural inks?  Any experience out there?  And how can you use a smaller 'eco' printer without becoming a warehouse for your books?

  • Maybe put the question out on a writer or publishing group on linkedin - if you're part of that. I bet someone knows of an eco-printer who does POD.  I would say they are behind the times if they are not doing POD, or they don't want to get into that service.

  • Thanks Christine.  I have found several VERY Eco-conscious printers, but none so far do POD or work with Amazon, etc.  This becomes a major issue when one is trying to maintain environmental integrity, especially with directly related book genres.  I will keep you posted

  • Carol,

    Any printer worth anything these days can do digital printing which means print on demand (POD). I would think even eco printers would be doing this. I would try googling eco printer and see what comes up. Let me know if you find someone you like! I have clients that might be interested as well.