How many distribution channels do people use?

Hi everyone, I'm new and will be publishing 3 books in 2014.

Looking at distribution channels: Amazon Kindle, Amazone Createspace, Ingram Spark and Smashwords.

Can I use all of them and will I get into trouble?

I know I can use the same ISBN for print and same ISBN for e-book, but are there any selection options so I make sure that say Ingram Spark and Smashwords aren't both selling to Apple?


  • Hi JF, If your book is on Smashwords, you can choose distribution channels when your book is uploaded. If you change your mind later, go to the dashboard and click on "Channel Manager."  When the new page opens, scroll down to the very bottom and you will find a spot to make your changes.

    Sorry, I can't tell you much about ebooks and Ingram Spark. My paperbacks are distributed by regular Ingram and I am not able to specify where they get sold. Hope this helps a bit. It all gets easier! Good luck with your publishing.

  • Indeed on Smashwords you can generate coupons anytime to give away your book to reviewers.

    Read that Amazon has an option of "gifting" your book, but you have to pay for this. And the person can return the book to Amazon and use the money to buy something else too...

  • Penny, I think that is correct -- you can't do KDP Select and Smashwords. I haven't sold much through Smashwords, but as JF mentioned, it's very handy for offering all the digital formats for giveaways and reviews.

  • JF, You mention here uploading to Amazon for KDP Select and then expanding... smashwords... I may be confused, but I believe you can use KDP and Smashwords, but not KDP Select and Smashwords at the same time.  If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.  I also hear that you can upload from Smashwords to KDP.

  • Yes, I was looking at Smashwords. Was comparing distribution channels, Ingram has a bigger reach, but there are higher fees to pay. Will upload on Amazon first for KDP select and then think about expanding...Smashwords is handy due to the fact you can generate coupons for people to download book for review...

  • Thanks!  One is close to being out the door, then I have to finish the others...I think it will be an easier process once one is done as I would know the steps!

  • Smashwords will assign their own ISBN to your work. There's no charge. Takes some time to do the formatting, but what's great about Smashwords, is that once you've uploaded, they convert your book to all the different files and you can then get mobi/epbu/etc. to send to reviewers.

  • Can I ask who you use for formatting?  I have been in contact with 2 formatters and am gathering quotes before I commit.  Initially my editor recommended a formatter to me, but he doesn't do print, so I had to start looking elsewhere!

    I have heard of Scrivener and will consider that in the future.  For my first book I want to pay for formatting to know what a professional formatting job looks like!  Thanks!

  • I contracted out to a professional for formatting before uploading to Lightening Source. For ebooks I use a programme called Scrivener instead of word. It converts to any format and easy to use.