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If anyone is interested in blogging about women's fiction, my first novel, The Art Of Being Rebekkah is going on tour in December! Woo hoo!!! For more information, please click here. Thanks!!! Chick Lit Plus

  • Amazing! Your journey certainly IS one of perseverance! Congratulations Karoline! Best of luck as you continue to write and promote your work!

  • Thank you, Ashley! Good luck with your queries. The publishing world moves at its own speed; lots of patience required.

  • Congratulations, Karoline! That's so exciting. And 124 agents—wow! If that isn't a lesson in perseverance I don't know what is. I've just started querying for my first completed novel now, and it's a crazy process to say the least. I'm inspired by your success.

  • Thank you, Linda. I really think persistence is the key. Never give up on your dream. I queried 124 agents before I signed with mine. What if I had given up at 120?

  • Congratulations!  What a wonderful example you set for all of us who are still writing our novels

    or waiting to be published.  You and your work are gentle reminders that It does happen; each

    writer has her own time frame. Yours is now.  Way to go, Karoline. Enjoy the rest of the journey.

    (By the way--beautiful cover and title.)