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If I don't find like-minded bloggers to laugh at and with, I go crazy. I have made so many friends and found so many blogs to follow in these types of threads on SheWrites. This group needs one as well. Please reply with your latest blog post to entertain us!

  • Thank you for encouraging new members to share their posts. I am new and already feel welcome!

  • Hello Funny Writers...and readers,

    I'm looking to read 5 more books to meet my 2015 reading challenge. My favorite reading genre is memoirs, however I enjoy humorous stories of any genre as well. And you OF ALL PEOPLE know how this goes… the funnier, the better!

    Thing is… I have 4 weeks to find these books. Let me know by email [email protected] if you have written, or know of a book so damn funny I'll stalk the author with compliments. …And oh yes, I write and publish books too. Trust me, reading your in-print PUBLISHED book will not create a conflict of interest. Like WTWhat??? ...In meantime, I just blogged “Asking for HELP!!!!!”

  • Meet the McDonalds is a fiction family sitcom, with a lovable, if naïve, blogger-heroine, lovable kids, an ironic husband, crazy girlfriends, a Lesbian priest grandmother and more. This piece is a vignette, but the blog features interconnecting stories.