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If I don't find like-minded bloggers to laugh at and with, I go crazy. I have made so many friends and found so many blogs to follow in these types of threads on SheWrites. This group needs one as well. Please reply with your latest blog post to entertain us!

  • I love creme brulee! Hey, I am using Chrome browser and haven't been to your blog before, but there appear to be paragraphs with no breaks and a couple of typos ("a a" in one place and one sentence ends abruptly "Breakfast was of." or something to that effect). Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for dropping in. I read every post put in here :)

  • Beverly, you are handling your grief well and it is so good to hear an update from you. I had been wondering how you are doing. I just found out a girlfriend of mine lost her husband to pancreatic cancer also. You are very strong. I hope my friend is able to cope also. I have seen grief disable people. I don't wish it on anyone. You wrote about your process beautifully. Hugs and love from your blogging friends!