Do you Believe in Fairies?
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I am asking this question in honor of my newly published flash fiction story, The Summer Bride. In The Summer Bride, you’ll meet the protagonist of my (unpublished) supernatural-thriller series as well as an unlikely character. Yes, a fairy makes a special appearance.

Here is the link to my flash fiction:

So, do you believe in fairies?

The child in me is screaming, “I DO!”


Because sometimes we just need a little magic in our lives, like during those days when we had imaginary friends, believed in Santa with every fiber of our being, and swore we could see fairies in the woods. Those days were great! And to keep a little bit of that magic in my life I will say I believe in fairies and mermaids and unicorns, even though I’ve never seen a single one.

Have you ever written about fairies or some other mythical creatures? Please share the details with us!

And I also want to remind all members that you can freely post discussions whenever you want to promote your paranormal/supernatural books, short stories, and poems. You can also ask for advice and post tips!

  • So would I! ;) And I agree with you, a few mysterious solved would be wonderful.

  • I know I love that we won't ever solve all the mysteries out there either. Ok admittedly I WOULD like to see a couple solved and proved in my lifetime(mostly for spite against arrogant scientists who deny EVERYTHING, lol) like maybe Bigfoot or one of those but not ALL, we must have wonder and mystery in life or how dull it would be!

  • Oh my! That is incredible! I love that we won't ever know what is really "out there", and that what we think are myth and fantasy might not be myth or fantasy at all. Thank you so much for telling us about the tiny skeleton found in a cave. That is simply amazing. And Leprechauns can live in small caves, so I think you're right. ;)

  • I have read true account stories from places like FATE magazine before the net all of my life and once in awhile there would be something to make you believe they could be true. I have researched extensively about myths and forbidden archaeology and believe that pretty much everything we have heard of has it's roots in some truth. On a show called Unsolved Mysteries that was big in the 80s&90's but mostly for catching murderers and finding lost people, once in awhile there would be a TRUE mysterious story. One was about a tiny perfectly intact skeleton found in a cave. I was positioned in a sitting style like Buddha and had been a real living creature. They had it tested and found it was an adult, not a child or baby but an adult that had lived to full maturity and in fact was of an older age. It was perfect, not a deformed human etc. I wish they would test it now and look at it's dna etc. To me that is evidence of the "little people" for sure, I'm Irish! lol

    But if the little people are real why not faeries too? I think they could either be another dimension that bled through to ours at certain points OR even creatures before humans existed here. I am a Christian and I am not so dumb as to think that just because God did create us(and we might somehow be "special" because we are "like Him") that he didn't create many more sentient humanoid beings here before us and/or even "out there" somewhere.

    I LOVE this stuff! Thanks for the question! Here is my favorite place for real encounter stories and look they have faery ones too!

  • Dreagon are infected people. They level up. First stage is deformation and changing into what resembles a wherewolf - but without all the sense. They are slow and none responsive. Stages two and three - sense increase, so does stamina. They also start to walk up right again. Stage three also gets blood lust and the Dreagon become more vampire like in speed and flexibility. A hunter to be reckoned  with. 

    Well, that's the very short version of it hehe

  • Thank you! I don't normally dabble in fantasy, but I had fun with that piece. Normally my work is more supernatural.

    Magical beings . . . paranormal creatures . . . they are all welcome in this post. :) In the second book of my series I write about vampires, but not in the typical, popular manner. I tried to make my story different. Sorry I can't say more, but I don't want to give anything away about the plot. 

    Dreagons do sound interesting though! What are they exactly?

  • It reads like a fairy tale, I like it.

    I do believe that nature spirits like fays are among us and that once Sirens have existed or the Gods of all mythology once roamed the earth. (What a sight would that have been)

    But I don't write about fairies, or any magical beings. It's not my specialty. If I would write about beings it would be something of a more dangerous nature. (I've written a story about the Dreagon - a species created by man through faulty medicine. But I won't bore you with the details since it's hardly fairy or fairy tale like.) ;)