Have Story, Will Critique; Have Story, Need Critique
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Hello, I wanted to post this to let others know I am available for critiquing. I think I would be the most helpful for fantasy, supernatural and/or paranormal stories. Id like to include historical in that as well, but I may be weaker on some periods of history than others. If the story includes a romance or mystery in it, I may be useful, but as pure genres themselves, I am not as familiar with their particular formats. I am also very good with grammar and spelling. I am willing to help out with novels, but I think I will have to restrict it to one at a time, because my attention span is not as strong as some other people. Id like to help out mostly with any short stories and novellas.

I also am looking for someone to critique/give an object pair of eyes for a short story I am working on. It is a paranormal story involving a character from the 1940s who uses the lingo of the time period but turns out to be something entirely unexpected. I do have plans to proceed to a novel using the characters in this story, but would like to see if I can craft something for a short story publication first. Its not quite ready for a full beta treatment, so I am looking for someone who can give me their impression of it and perhaps offer constructive criticism to achieve a short story.

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pen name: Mary Thornell

  • Syeda - my apologies for taking so long to reply to this - thank you very much for offering and I would be very happy to read your YA synopsis! I will do my best in helping out.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I would gladly critic it. Although I don't write paranormal fantasy, I have read enough paranormal fantasy to be able to critique it. Would you please critic my YA synopsis in return. I have some chapters written as well, but it's the synopsis I am concerned with at the moment. 

    If this is good with you, please message me on Shewrites, preferably with an email, so we can communicate more privately.

    Kind regards,