Prologues and Epilogues
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I've been working on a high fantasy saga for the last seven years and a year ago I had an idea to use the prologues and epilogues to tell three parts of the story throughout the series but considering the dislike that most readers and agents have towards prologues and the fact that I barely see writers penning epilogues anymore I'm wonder whether this will be worth it to tell my story.

The prologue will follow two of the other main characters while the epilogue will tell what has happened many years after the current events of the novels. What do you think, is this worth writing or should I abandon my romantic dreams of writing amazing prologues and epilogues?  

  • I'm weird, but I think you should follow your prologue epilogue dream. So nobody uses them? O it brilliantly and they'll all follow you. Sara
  • RB Austin, that was a great reply. Very helpful, thank you! And thanks for asking, Mercedes-Benz Taylor.
  • Thanks so much. My story has a big plot and a lot of characters that I am trying to balance out. In a way I have two main characters so I want to introduce the reader to the world in full without spending so much time writing flashbacks.