Friday the 13th and other Superstitions
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Since this is the Paranormal and Supernatural Writer’s group, I am opening a fun topic today about Friday the 13th, which is known as the unluckiest day, as well as other superstitions. Personally, I’ve never had a bad experience on Friday the 13th, but there are plenty more to come in the future so that could change. Have you ever had bad luck on a past Friday the 13th? Did you think it was a coincidence or did you blame it on the day? Although I can’t say I believe that bad things happen on Friday the 13th, I do believe in some other superstitions like: deaths come in threes, hot ears means someone is speaking ill of you, and if the palm of your right hand itches it means you will be getting money. Are there any superstitions that you believe in? Or do you think they are all old wives tales? Just for fun, here are two of the oddest superstitions I have heard: 1. If you make a bedspread, or a quilt, be sure to finish it or marriage will never come to you. I am not married, and I have a half-finished quilt that I started years ago. YIKES! I guess I better get on that! 2. To dream of a lizard is a sign that you have a secret enemy. I don’t like lizards, and I had a dream about one two nights ago. Hmm... What is the strangest superstition you have heard? Now to finish this post I will ask if you have written about superstition or used the theme in one of your stories. Please tell us about it! I’m sure we’d all be interest to know. And Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! :)
  • I got chills reading that, Sharon. I think your grandfather was indeed there because he was waiting for your grandmother. And I just got chills again while I was typing that. lol

  • Thanks! For my flashshort stories I always like to end it with a surprising twist, ;)

  • Id like to see that story as well!  

    I tried the Ouija once. Just once. I didnt want to tempt fate and it was for a very short duration and we did what we thought would close the door. I haven't been back to it as the one thing I fear from the spirit world is inviting demons.

    Having said that, would love to find a medium to see if they could tell me something about some past people in my life. I am cash poor though...

    I'm not sensitive to ghosts in general, I dont think, but I like to think the evening after my grandfather's death I was able to feel him. We had gone to the rosary at the local church and then over to my grandparents house. My grandmother was in the hospital at the time, so there was no one there when we arrived - but the moment I walked into the kitchen it was as if he were standing right there, waiting for us, and ostensibly for my grandmother. She died 12 days after he did. Until she did, I could feel the heaviness. After that, it was as if they had said goodbye and moved on.

    LOL on the methods to ward off the curse of walking under a ladder. That part of a curse is stuff people always forget. 

  • Of course! Greeting Evil was published on a small ezine earlier this year. Here is the link: 

    I have to warn you that the background on the site makes it a little difficult to read, but you can copy and paste it into a word document to make it easier on your eyes. :)

  • May I read that story some time, Chrys?

    @ Sharon:

    I always walk underneath ladders. But somehow I cannot pass through without looking over my shoulder when I have. I actually haven't thought of the things actor in theater 'believe'. But there on it's own is a world of superstition (and of some there are great plays based!)

    I think superstitions in stories are quite nice, they add to the atmosphere. I love creepy haha.

  • I remember when I walked under a ladder as a kid. It was during Christmas while my dad was putting lights on the roof and my sisters teased me relentlessly, saying I was going to have seven years of bad luck. And I was so scared! lol

    Walking under a ladder is kind of an odd superstition so I looked up what it means and found this:

    "Some believe that in the medieval times, a leaning ladder was thought to resemble a gallows, so if you walked under a ladder you were guaranteeing your own death by hanging."

    And I found ways to reverse the bad luck of walking under a ladder:
    • Spit through the ladders rungs three times.
    • Cross your fingers until you see a dog.
    • Spit on your shoe and continue walking, but don’t look at your shoe again until the spit has dried.
    • Walk backwards out from the ladder, back the way you came in, making a wish as you go.

    I wonder what spitting and a dog has to do with the curse. Hmm... :P

    I've written a short story about the evils of the Ouija board, and it's based off my own experience from when I was young and naive. I must add though that I after I heard how bad they are I've vowed to never touch one again.

  • Luckily, I didn't live there long, not even four months. One night I do remember telling the entity to go away and to leave me alone. I can't recall if that worked though, it was six years ago.

  • Most of the superstitions I dealt with growing up had to do with know, the usual "dont walk under the ladder" (which I practiced), "don't say the name Macbeth on stage" "always say break a leg to wish an actor good luck" and all the little quirky personal habits that actors get into when prepping for a play. Reading everyone's comments though is really interesting and inspirational, though!

    To my knowledge have not incorporated any superstitions in my writing, but I think its a great idea.

  • I don't mind long conversations haha.

    Cats are very sensitive to 'the other side'. Are you still living there where you saw the entity? How did you deal with that?