First Chapter of the new novel I am writing.
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Hello I am a new member here. I am writing a novel and have posted the first chapter on my blog. As this is my first novel I would really like some feedback ,  scary writing my first novel. IF you read it and comment I would appraicate it.

  • Hi Stephanie, congrats on your novel and being on chapter 7. No it is not easy but as you said we have to keeping moving forward or else we will never have a finish novel or story. I have started over twice before I got it to go the way I felt would work , now I am happy with it and ready to go on.  Good luck to you 

  • Linda thanks for your comments. The first paragraph is my blurb. I forgot to remove it before I posted. LOL 

    I second guess myself so many times that I lost count. 

  • Hi Donna! I'm a new member and am also writing my first novel! I'm on chapter 7 and feel like I should just start all over! Ha! Its not easy, but we have to keep moving forward!

  • Congrats on taking the plunge to write your first novel, Donna. Enjoy the journey, the ups and down, rejections, highs and lows - the whole range of emotions we all go through. Instead of here, I wrote my comments on the blog but suffice it to say, you've got a great start to a creepy novel. My suggestion is to omit the first paragraph and I explain why in my comments. Enjoy the ride!