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I feel like my brain is rotting away I don’t know how to explain it I can’t describe this feeling I’m tired of going on Facebook And looking at the same things It’s just not amusing me anymore Or giving me the entertainment and excitement that it once had Just looking at this computer screen is giving me a head ach But yet I can’t fall asleep I’m not hungry And I don’t think my eyes can handle reading another book What are my options late at night? Suffering from boredom is a serious condition I need to pick up another hobby I used to make jewelry Knit And do all that crafty stuff But then my hands would cramp up That’s the end of that time consuming activity And I have had too much TV for a lifetime A girl can only watch Real Housewives of Whatever so many times before she metamorphoses into Nene But I can always come to this place To write it all down And get it all out of my head All of this mush or whatever it is combusting in my brain Let me know if you have a better name Times like these I wish I had a job to just wear me out And to make money of course But tomorrow is a new day I’m sure I’ll be faced with the same problems That is until fall begins But once fall begins I can’t wait for it to end Then my boredom will strike again.