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Excited to announce that the cover for my first novel, THE ART OF BEING REBEKKAH is now ready! It will be out in the Fall! Published by E-Lit Books.

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  • Thanks, Linda. I didn't think of a "blurb." Here it is:

    When talented Jewish artist, Rebekkah Gelles finds out her husband has a frightening dark side, she wants out of her marriage; but her life gets complicated when she moves back to her parents’ home in Park Slope, Brooklyn and falls for a charming Italian detective who’s investigating her estranged husband. Convinced he’s all wrong for her –he’s not Jewish for one thing — Rebekkah must struggle with love, faith, and a surprise pregnancy.

  • Thank you Linda! My agent had an illustrator design it. She and I went through Amazon and Pinterest to find items we wanted on the cover and her illustrator took it from there. His name is Martin Blanco.