Looking for a critique group- Round 2!
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Hi all. My critique partner Monica Devine and I are looking for a third (maybe a fourth) partner to join us in some monthly online critiquing. In the past we submitted once a month and had to critique the pieces we received within the month. We both do creative nonfiction, memoir, and nature writing, which would be our main focus. (We did dabble with fiction in the past.) Drop me a note here or in a message if you are interested.



  • Dear Amanda,

    I am working on finishing my first book--nature writing/memoir--and I am looking to focus my critique process, I've been using Critique Circle online but there are very few nature writers.  If you are still looking for a member, contact me.

    Chelle Gluch

  • Annielaurel-

    Thanks for the response. We haven't really gotten going with this yet. I think the other woman I have worked with, and I both, are super busy. If we do reconvene, we'll keep you posted!

  • I'm interested, Amanda..but I note that you posted last August and you probably have already filled the empty spot. Do let me know.

    regards, Annielaural