What are you working on?
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So, everyone, what are you working on right now? What genre? What made you get into this story and what drives you? Share your details so that we can comment, help, or be your sounding board!

  • Hi--I just found this group, and I hope I can contribute. My name is Wanda Adams Fischer, and I just published by first book at the end of October 2017. Called "Empty Seats," it's set in 1972 and follows the quest of three 18-year-old baseball players who've been drafted to play ball in Jamestown, NY, for a minor-league team affiliated with the (now-defunct) Montreal Expos. They had all been champions in their hometowns, so they thought it would be an easy trip to major league baseball. What they discover is that everyone who's been drafted had also been all-star players in their respective hometowns, so the competition is fierce. That's the backdrop. They're also 18-year olds, and they've never been away from home before. They're faced with many challenges, requiring split-second decisions, and, unlike today, where someone in the same situation can whip out his cell phone and call mom or dad, they're on their own. Baseball provides the foundation for this novel, but it's really about life. The book's been selling well, getting great reviews on Amazon, and even got a good review from Kirkus, which totally blew my mind. My background is that I retired in 2014 after a nearly 40-year career in public relations/marketing/media relations for not-for-profit and governmental organizations. I had written for my professional career, but I had never written fiction. I've been a baseball fan since I was eight years old, and, at one point, had wanted to be a sportswriter. However, an encounter with a Major League Baseball player outside of Fenway Park in the mid-1960s forced me to think that through, since it would have been a difficult profession to break into at that time. Instead, I remained a fan. In 2012, I auditioned to become the public address announcer at Fenway Park and made it to the "finals." The Red Sox allowed me to announce a full game between the Red Sox and Minnesota Twins on August 5, 2012. In addition to my PR career, I've done a folk music show on public radio for almost 40 years, so I did have broadcasting experience on my side. I've been a folk singer/songwriter for as long as I can remember. I have two grown children and four grandchildren. I live in Schenectady, NY. Right now, I'm working on a sequel to my original book. It has no title. Yet.
  • I am working on a prequel for my self-published Fantasy/Romance series. I started this series, because ever since i was younger i would write down what I saw in my dreams, and I recently turned each dream into a chapter of my books. I am struggling on getting people to buy my books, so if you guys have any tips please tell me!
  • I am working on short stories that I am submitting to journals and competition including the CBC Fiction & Non Fiction prizes. A journal called, Blank Spaces, has accepted one of my short stories and it will appear in their Spring 2018 edition. I also have a completed middle-grade fiction adventure/humor novel that I'm about to submit to hybrid publishers. There is also a novel that I have worked on (on and off for nearly a decade) that has a woman-centric character and is set in my home country- but the novel has remained incomplete as I seem to have lost the thread of the plot altogether.
  • Hello everyone. My current project is writing articles on special events from the 2017 fair in Oklahoma. They had a deaf awareness day, it was wonderful to witness this community sharing their gifts with the rest of the world.
  • I have two projects underway. One is a travel memoir about a summer spent in Russia in 1992. The other is an effort to collect past blog posts with the theme, "On Being a Woman." I'm hoping to publish that one through SheWrites Press when it is compiled, finished, and polished.
  • It is from near the end. It is one of my fave parts though. I am working on two more centaur stories that connect to this one. I love my sexy horses! There is something special about them!

  • That's nice. It makes me wonder how they got together. How they knew they were mates. How is it that she's never bee touched when she's shifted? It's good that you lead i like that, but this isn't from the beginning of the story is it? I don't think I've seen a centaur shifter romance before. That is very different, and interesting, to see!

  • This is an exert from my story R&R. I love this scene! What do you think?

    “Great! Race you!” She jumped up and ran into the woods. She shifted nearly on the run. Her jeans were toast but she could not bring herself to care. Where a woman once stood was now an elegant looking centaur. Her coat was white with large red brown splashes. Her tail was a shade darker than her red hair. She loved the heart shaped mating mark on her rump and her darkened hooves. Both signs she was now completely mated.

    She raced deeper into the woods. When she reached the stream she stopped. Behind her she heard heavily hoof beats and knew her mates has shifted and followed. When she turned to face them they stopped and stared at each other. Ryder was a glorious palomino. His coat looked like pure gold in the moonlight. Rafe’s coat was raven black with long white hairs around his hooves and a white tail. Both men unlike her, had shed their shirts so their well muscled chests gleamed in the dim light.

    She smiled warmly at them. This was the first time she had changed in front of another centaur. Her horse self had never been touched before so when they came alongside of her and began to run their hands along her it felt deeply intimate. She stood as still as stone and closed her eyes. Her whole self was focused on their hands and each touch of their horse selves.

    She got her turn to explore them as well. It was the most beautiful and sensual thing she had ever known aside from their first night in bed together. She softly kissed their mating marks as they had done to her.