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Do you draw in your journals?   When you are traveling or all the time?  How does drawing/making art add to your writing experience?  

Do you like watercolor or markers or pencil or?

I thought this might be a fun place for us to share how we journal, how drawing or painting in our journals adds to our experience, and if you ever share them?  You can even upload a page if you dare!

  • Okay, here are three pages from my three current journals/sketchbooks.  Mine double -- I write and I draw and I set a place for ideas to paint to arise.  I was going to do the Sketchbook Project, but when they sent me the sketchbook for the $$ I had to crack up.  I wanted a year to do a REAL sketchbook and they sent a thang with 30 pages, because too many people are overwhelmed with having to fill 30 pages.  So I passed.  

    The first one is one of my early-morning-can't-sleep-worried pages.  

    The second is also middle of the night (I guess I do some sketching after Mitchell is asleep) sketch of crows to paint.  

    The third is one of my small women drawings about boddhichitta.  

    All © D.Katie Powell

  • Wonderful images!  Yaaaaah!  

    I love watercolor pencils, and I do use them, probably more than regular pencils if I am traveling.

    I need to image a page from my journal to share!  Many Thanks!

  • Have you used watercolor pencils?  They're really great for traveling, and you can use a water brush, one that has a built in water well, to smooth out the colors.

  • So glad to be here among you artists/writers!  

    I've been creating journals forever, but am especially fond of producing them when I travel.  I just returned from two marvelous weeks in Spain sketching, painting and writing about los pueblos blancos, the white villages that we visited.  I use a Lamy pen, extra fine nib and watercolors.  If I'm pressed for time, I use a Koi kit-if not, I'll use tubes.

    Here is an example of how I might do a double-page layout:

    Here a single page:

    Unfortunately, I lost my entire journal on a plane coming back from Spain, but at least I took a couple of photos!

    There us a wonderful Facebook group started by Cathy Johnson called Artists Journal Workshop.  Artists and Artist/Writers from all over the world post there and receive wonderful feedback.  Here's the link.  ( I hope it links!)

  • I draw in the margins, or on my 3 X 5 cards. If I'm going to focus on drawing, I prefer watercolor, colored pencils, or markers, depending on the design. And I like the softer colored pencils better than the hard.