Picture Phiction 18
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I love this one...

  • Aww that's never fun...I'll stop distracting ya now ^_^

    Love all o' ya.  (So there.  Nyah to the nyah) 

    Talk with ya later!!! 


    P.S. Please email me when you're actually on and ready and stuff...thanks :)

  • Working at the moment and swamped so Im blocked from chat at the moment.  I will be on later this afternoon and will unblock myself so we can chat then if you like.

    Love your sweet guts.


  • Thank you so much, deary!  I miss you a ton!  Glad I can help!  Thank you so much :D I value you, too, my dear, and miss our chats!  I had just sent you an email, when you popped on and posted that lovely comment.  (Why aren't you showing up in the chat...?)  

    Love ya,


  • Awesome Leah...  I was looking for something to post this morning and you beat me to it....  Thank you... I love it.  This image is incredible... good choice... Thank you for picking up my slack the last few weeks... and please continue to feel free to post any time you like.  I appriciate you.  I truly value you as friend, partner and fellow writer...  You are an inspiration. xoxoxox  RR