What I critique, what I write and what I'd like in a critique of my work
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I have written for various print and online publications such as CNN and Salon (google me).  I have a double MFA in Screenwriting and Non-fiction.  My first book is a biography that I have been working on for over a decade (took 2 years just to get her FBI file) on the great teacher, Stella Adler.  She was Brando's teacher.

I'm no good at copyediting because I'm just not.  Grammar bores me, but story, AHHH story.  That is my forte.  So, I'm what you'd call a stellar developmental editor.  I can shape up a screenplay, novel, anything that has a story.  And just to let you know I'm a strict Aristotelian: of the beginning, middle, end, pathos, tension, motivation and pay-off variety. 

What I'm looking for is someone who needs a great developmental critique in exchange for a professional edit of my biography. I edit your book, you edit mine type of thing, although our books may be in different stages.  Mine, for example is 90% polished.  Or maybe you won't think so upon reading LOL.

Anyone out there to try out our first chapter?