Who Are You, What Are You Writing?
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Please help us get to know you! In the comment box below, tell us about yourself, what you are writing, and share the links to your social networking sites and blogs.


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  • Hi,  Chrys, good to meet you. I am doing final edits on VIRGINS: an epic paranormal/science fiction love story.

    About Virgins:

    A young, primitive and lovely virgin seeking refuge from her clansmen collapses into the Archangel's Earthly Paradise. 
    The angel is commanded: “Take your Eve” but is damned to be a Sylph for eternity. His name becomes AYEKAH, and her name HAYA. 
    After Haya's death, voices like Haya’s lure Ayekah to other virgins that resemble her. From them Ayekah has many daughters. His primary goal is twofold: to bring Haya back to life and for himself, to be born a human. 
    To provide for his daughters Ayekah creates The Retais, a vast and powerful secret society and like a master puppeteer Ayekah takes his angel-humans into power and luxury, trapped in a web of conflict and fear. 
    No one knows that Haya is more powerful than Ayekah.

    Facebook page for VIRGINS: https://www.facebook.com/Virgins.web/
    Photo: courtesy of Bob Keck, Owner/Photographer/Artist at Digital Dreams

    Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Virgins.web/

  • Is anyone reading Imaginary Girls by Nova ren Sumi? I love the concept of a drowned town/ghosts.

    Blog: chantalreviews.blogspot.com

  • Hi, I am writing a novel that I believe is Paranormal/Supernatural but have been told that it could be Historical/Literary so I am bit confused but currently using the paranormal genre. I would appreciate some help with that, may I post a synopsis?

    My social network sites are listed on my blog: hoyeocmova.com

  • Hi I'm Elise! 

    I write paranormal thrillers with a dash or two of romance :)  I am currently working on a paranormal noir set in 1940s central Florida. Loving the story and setting. It's a blast researching all these towns histories and using some of our famous residents here and there. :) 

    You can find me at 






  • Welcome to the group, Chantal. I'm thrilled to have you with us. Your family lore story sounds interesting. Congratulations on the publication!!!!! :D

  • Hi, Carol! Welcome!!

    Based on your above comment, you're in the right place. :) I hope you can find critique partners. Feel free to put up a message on the homepage of this group asking for one. I know that finding readers to beta read/critique is tough. I'd volunteer, but I'm currently editing two of my own and have no time for anything else. I'm sorry! You could still ask the members of your RWA group. Although they write romance, many writers read and enjoy all sorts of genres.

    Good luck!!

  • Hi, as you probably know by now I mostly write stories that have something to do with the paranormal/supernatural. I am currently on a book that I want to turn into a series; the book is called "Once in a Blue Moon." It is a paranormal story with romantic elements, and a ghost story. I like pretty much all paranormal elements, including vampires and werewolves too, but so much has been done with vampires that I'm not doing any of those stories at the moment. I am hoping to publish my book next year; currently searching for readers willing to offer a critique. I have joined a RWA group here in MN and like the members tremendously, but don't think my stories are really paranormal romance (although they have elements of that). A member of this group volunteered to read my latest version but her comfort zone is mysteries, so this is not quite her cup of tea (and to be fair, I would probably not be the best reader of mysteries though I would  give it my best ). I also write short stories and have dabbled in screen writing. Life got in the way for too long, but I've finally come back to writing.

    I need to get a website up, and the only social network I am on is Facebook; you can find me there; Carol Maschke - hope to hear from you.

  • Hi Chantal! If you're looking for help on writing fiction, you can check out my blog: www.writewithfey.blogspot.com I post a lot of writing tips. Just explore the pages listed at the top and check out the links. :)

    That Neil Gaiman quite is one of my favorites and one I live by.

    Best of luck to you on your WIP! :)

  • I'm interested in writing fiction but so far I've written non-fiction for career-related magazines and journals. I love mysteries but I haven't been able to pull one off yet. I love fantasy, historicals, and character-driven novels. My favorite writing quote is by Neil Gaiman, "Write the story only you can tell." 

    I have an unfinished piece about a vampire and casque girl in Colonial Louisiana.

    I'm from Louisiana, by the way, but live in Texas now.