Formatting Interiors for Scene breaks...
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Hey All!  Perhaps other self-publishers will have run into this issue. I've hired a formatter for book interior--doing both POD and e-book.  My book has numerous section breaks --both time lapses and changes in POV. I had done simple space breaks for time, and a larger space break for POV. With her help, we're now going to put in small caps on first word of each section to help set it off--but she had suggested using a line or other design mark between POVs. I scoured my own library of books and there seems to be no right way to do these things. Many books seem to have done what I did originally (though they are older) and some books have lots of design inside. BTW--the book is a thriller, a fast-paced read, and somewhat gritty--so I don't want it looking feminine inside:)  I've suggested keeping the spaces instead--a larger for POV shifts, and a single space for lapses in time.  Anyone have any opinion about all these?  Am I sweating the small stuff?!  I never read on kindles and I've heard there can be issues with space breaks, but also read there can be issues with design marks.  Thanks!