Triberr for Earth-based Spirituality Blogs
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Hi all.  I started a tribe on Triberr for blogs with an earth-based spirituality focus.  If you are interested in joining to expand your blog reach, buzz me with your Triberr ID, and I will intive you to the tribe.

Feel free to buzz me with questions, as well!

  • Hi Kelley,

    I'm new to She Writes and wondering if this offer this stands.  Not sure where to get a Triberr ID and what that is.  Also haven't found the friend request button yet : )

    I'm a holistic psychologist, depth hypnosis and shamanic practitioner in Berkeley.  Just purchased your dreamtime book which looks fabulous. Working on my memoir Amazon Wisdom Keeper. 

  • I am interested and am trying to figure out Triberr. Just wanted to bring your attention to a retrat I am having in April. We will be using earth based spiritual healings. Is there anyway you can share it in your networks? If so, thank you!


    Recaliming Your Soul Retreat: I am having a retreat April 12-14 in Ithaca NY for people who have been sexually abused or assaulted in their past. Partners are also welcome. i am looking for helping promoting it on twitter and facebook, can anyone pass it along for me? Thanks! 

    Twitter has been my best  way of promotion so far. Most of the registrants have come from there. Here is a sample tweet:

    @JodiAman Healing From #Sexabuse and #Rape Retreat in Ithaca NY April 12-14. All invited.